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The Book of Illusions has ratings and reviews. Richard said: Rating: one furious, disgusted star of however many stars there are in a galaxy. Buy El libro de las ilusiones/The Book of Illusions Translation by Paul Auster ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . : LIBRO DE LAS ILUSIONES, EL () by PAUL AUSTER and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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Men who lose everything or men who never really had anything to begin with. Pxul Ebert cares more about how a movie makes him feel than on its technical merits.

I’m tempted to accuse him of plagiarizing the Paul Auster of 20 years ago.

asuter I just recommended this book to someone stranded in the Minneapolis airport. He goes on a destructive binge of drinking and taking pills until he happens to see a documentary in which he is drawn to silent film comedian Hector Mann, who vanished around after a brief but promising film career. An almost ridiculously funny book. We get long accounts of the book he is writing about a silent filmmaker who went missing some years prior and almost forget that there is a austed involved, that we aren’t reading a third-person account of this filmmaker’s A surprising book that is riveting through to the final words.

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The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster

The Book of Illusions displays many characteristics of Libeo typical style, most noticeably the constant presence of symbolism, the perceived significance of art and the line between reality and as the title suggests illusion.

I have read through the negative reviews for this book and must add that this was my introduction to Auster, so I don’t have the luxury of comparing this to his previous works. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

After leaving a dozen movies behind that nobody seems to know about, Hector disappeared inpresumed dead. The man writes such depressing stuff. Could the great silent film star have been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes all this time?


He’s not doing anything great ilsiones language, though that’s not really his “thing” anyway Apparently the hoi polloi slithering in from the Internet’s more sanctimonious quarters don’t agree with me, therefore I must be wrong. I was encouraged, however, to read more of Auster. It is really interesting Its got Auster’s usual obsessions about identity, and writing as a form of creation, and blah blah blah, but it doesn’t lead into anything meaningful.

After seeing one of the silent comedies of Hector Mann, an actor missing since the s, he decides to occupy himself by watching all of Mann’s films and writing a book about them.

austdr He has a detailed plan of what he will do with it, alive with human connection, only to find that it is a gob of spit. View all comments.

There is much parallelism here, Zimmer with both Hector Mann, the ancient film-maker and Chateaubriand, the author of a lengthy autobiography that Zimmer is translating.

And a character in the book ultimately succeeds in such an attempt. I can imagine that the book won’t work for everyone – some may find the lengthy descriptions of unseen, nonexistent films dull I really enjoyed themand there’s a curious A surprising book that is riveting through to the final words.

At first, Auster suggests Hector can attain greatness on his own, even without an audience. This story grabbed me from the off, and was indeed difficult to put down. Nobody,” is a response to the frustration he feels about his career, as, in the film, his character takes a magic potion that makes him invisible.

La trama principale e’ apparentemente lineare autser anche un po’ scarna, ma il vero nucleo del racconto sono il lungo flashback sulla vita di Mann prima e dopo la sua scomparsa e due descrizioni dei suoi film. A few of my favorite things: Nobody’ in which he literally becomes invisible, and then, in his real life, he disappears; another character, Alma, is made more visible by a large birthmark on her face, yet she feels this gives her llbro ability to instantly see others’ true characters through their reactions to her appearance.

United States of America. A story of lightnings that strike the same place twice against all odds. In his journals, Hector writes, “I talk only to the dead now. Lists with This Book. But I think this is where the genius of Auster’s writing really lies, in suspending the reader’s disbelief and immersing you so deeply into the story that these strange events seem believable.


There is a passage in which Mann spots what he believes to be a blue stone on the street. Thereafter, he develops a fascination with the actor featured in the old movie, Hector Mann – a minor star of silent comedies who vanished in and was never seen or heard of again. But this one, even in creating such an intricatedly woven network of a character experiences, never looses sight of its ultimat By reading this book I have become a die-hard Auster fan.

David’s ruminations are mirrored in various ways throughout the narrative – David withdraws from life, shuts himself away and becomes invisible, so it seems ironic that he becomes obsessed with a silent movie star; Hector makes a film called ‘Mr.

The characters are paper thin, their motivations largely nonsensical. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Granted, this is rather less valid in the medium of words on a page than the sound and fury of fi Paul Auster, you bastard! View all 12 comments. Psicologicamente sopravvissuto alla morte della famiglia in un disastro aereo, David Zimmer attraversa un normale periodo di depressione e sconforto assoluto interrotto, quasi magicamente o, per l’appunto, in modo illusoriodalla visione di un film muto alla televisione.

The Book of Illusions

Paul Auster obviously has a thing for men who linger between reality and nothingness. The movie ends ambiguously with her questions and no answers austrr Martin. To ask other readers questions about The Book of Illusionsplease sign up. In this movie, which Hector made after his disappearance with the promise it would never be released to an audience, is different from his earlier work: