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Viagra acheter maintenant. Efie – sensor wave modification Cialis vente par correspondance. HHO EFIE schematic for o2 sensor HHO EFIE PIC 1. Another possible option that I have not explored would be an EFIE designed to SK No 45 DJPPK Pedoman Rope Access. Uploaded by. Kusumohadi · D EFIE Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. D17, Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices. Zero Fossil Fuel Plans. Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices, e-Book.

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The short answer is, that all oxygen eife on the engine side of the catalytic converter need EFIE devices. I tested this by using a hand held vacuum pump while monitoring the Hz and changes at different vacuum levels and changed the resistance at each level.

First of all, when I built one of those a few years ago, I used all 10 outputs from the bargraph, and then was able to make smaller increments between switch positions. You may think that you won’t be under freezing much and 85 degrees C is a pretty d71 temp. There is one for sale at http: If you have 2 or 3 wires, then you can have a common ground, or no heater wires etc. Again, no more than 30 ohms, with averages in the 10 to efje ohm range.

Adjust it to 5. These could also be used, but beware that some of these still have as much as 1.

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Its specs are almost an exact match to the one specified in the manual, and I’ve found that they are interchangeable. Any mileage gains from the hotter engine signal will be more than offset by the additional load on the alternator. If you pop into Open Loop, your lean-out limits are still too high or your oxygen sensor is bad. If the car is running, then you should see a constantly fluctuating voltage between. I connected up the D17 to the rest of the chip outputs but it wasnt enough to make any difference to the idle.


This means it will more quickly jump back into full operation if the car is re-started again after a short stop. Search Member List Calendar Help. It is an EFIE circuit board, efje an onboard adjustment pot, and approximately 5″ of hook up wire for power, ground, oxygen sensor, and computer connections.

There are 2 types of MAP sensors on the market. Rather than using the switch on the Deluxe model, you will have to switch power to the red wire yourself. There may be one or two adaptive settings there that would be the same before and after HHO has been introduced, but for the most part, 1d7 want the settings to be refreshed. However, both designs will do the job d117 fine-tuning the MAP signal.


When your engine is running the alternator is charging the battery, and is producing about But a hand held meter is not quick enough to show this. As long as the voltage is jumping around, you’re probably in Closed Loop.

By giving yourself access to these wires, you will be able to follow any instructions given for the test points in the Ecie series, by connecting your meter leads to these equivalent wires. The spark plug anti-fouler may also work. In the Deluxe model, the white wire connects to the red test port, and the green wire connects to the black test port.

However, some vehicles are too sensitive about emission standards and will display the check engine light no matter what you do. It should be noted that this trick applied to the IAT sensor will retard ignition timing in addition to lowering the lean-out limits. The smack booster design you are using gets quite hot, right? In the enhanced mode I can dial down up my MPG – using the knob.

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Another method is to apply a fixed voltage and current to the reference wire, and eife the voltage coming out. So, now that we have spent time and money to install a fuel efficiency device or two, and we are getting a more efficient fuel burn, what does the vehicle’s computer do? The quickest way to do this is to back off the adjustment screw until your meter reads below 50 millivolts or so. You can use the mounting ears to screw down the EFIE to a suitable evie on the vehicle body or firewall.


After all is done, and you’ve maximized your mileage, then calibrate the ScanGauge to give you correct mileage readings how to do that — see the ScanGauge manual. There is another variety edie wide band sensor that uses 4 wires, that you must be aware of. Then when the voltage gets close to your target voltage, quickly start turning the adjustment screw the opposite way until the voltage stops increasing.

By generating a lower voltage signal from the MAP sensor, harmony is restored, and your mileage gains are for keeps. I always assumed that I didnt need dd17 go over mV so therefore my O2 was just going into open loop? Hotter air is more prone to detonation. It will put your computer into open loop, which means your mileage will get worse. The load sensing devices give the ECU a clue as to what you are up to, and it won’t tolerate it.

Allied is probably the cheapest, but Digikey is nearly as low, and has a wider selection of the parts you will need. Make efir the basics are in order.

This will affect all sensors using the same 5 volt signal and will deliver disastrous results. It is a rotary switch, offering only six positions between maximum rich and maximum lean. High signal voltage, high fuel d71. You’ll have to address both equally. I assume that mV is a good setting for my car.