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EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. Sign in. Main menu. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – 2 MARKS. Instructions: 1. CLICK HERE to view the document online. 2. CLICK HERE to Download. EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHM (Common to EEE, EIE & ICE) UNIT I LINEAR STRUCTURES Abstract Data Types (ADT) List ADT array-based .

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Thus traversing the tree can be done very efficiently. Explain the cursor implementation of linked list? See if you can draw a picture of the following after the left rotation at P. Unit 1 part a 1. Explain Prim’s algorithm with an example? We have the same four situations, but the order of algorithm actions is opposite. It can be done in three steps: Data Structures and Algorithms The Dafa In general, to move N disks. List down any four applications of data structures?

A pointer to this new tree is then pushed onto the algorithjs. We can represent a tree as a list consisting of the root and a list of the subtrees in order.

The same operation on a doubly linked list requires four pointer changes. Update the next link of the new node, to point to the current head node. Advantages It overcomes the problem of unutilized space in linear queues, when it is implemented as arrays. Solutions Intermediate Workbook Key. That is, to extract the task from the problem statement. Declare a pointer to a function f which accepts.


Definition from techforum4you Abstract data types or ADTs are a mathematical specification of a set of data and the set of operations that can be performed on the data. Laser Guided Door Opener. Write the following statements in C: Singly Linked List 2. A single sheet within a book is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page.

This consists of a single right rotation at the right child RC followed by a single left rotation at P.

Converting a Number from Decimal to Binary Convert nonnegative integer in decimal format base 10 into equivalent binary number base 2 Rightmost bit of x Remainder of x after division by two Recursive.

Multi-Way Search Trees B Trees Multiway Search Trees An m-way search tree is a tree in which, for some integer m called the order of the tree, each node has at most m children.

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Using algorithks Function LinearSearch a,n,item,loc Here “a” is an array of the size n. Program verification refers to the application of mathematical proof techniques, to verify that the results obtained by the execution of the program with arbitrary inputs are in accord with formally defined output Specifications.

Thus the list-based representation of the tree in Fig 3.

Explain Krushal’s algorithm with an example? The memory address of the first element of an array is called A. An AVL tree does strictures have a bad worst case, like a binary search tree which can become very unbalanced and give Theta n worst case lookup and insertion times. In the above picture, the double rotation gives the following where we first show the result of the left rotation at LC, then a new picture for the result of the right rotation at P.


Explain Dijkstra’s algorithm with an example? PC-Based 7-Segment rolling display. As another example, the following binary tree has height 3.

EE Data Structures and Algorithms – Lecture Notes (Einstein Edition)

Consider the following example. What is meant by an abstract data type? Modules can be easily enhanced. A simple graph is a graph, which has not more than one edge between a pair of nodes than such a graph is called a simple graph. Node with no children Leaf node If the node is a leaf node, it can be deleted immediately. It is expressed in a programming language in an explicit and unambiguous manner.


Singly-linked List – Deletion There are four cases, which can occur while removing the node. Program testing is process to ensure that aalgorithms program solves the smallest possible problem, when all the variables have the same value, the biggest possible problem, unusual cases etc.

An ADT is a set of operation. What is a pointer?

Mention how similarities among the problems are used in problem solving? Binary Search Trees Lecturer: