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The Overview page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each. This page can also contain an overall. Switches all registered mock objects (more exactly: the controls of the mock objects) to replay mode. For details, see the EasyMock documentation. Why. Great testing includes isolation. Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of.

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Expects a string that matches the given regular expression. Expects a comparable argument equals to the given value according to their compareTo method. This matcher and anyObject Class can be used documejtation these three ways: Next I create a mock version of the ExchangeRate interface by passing the Class object for that interface to the static EasyMock. Listing 4 ‘s testToEuros will already catch this bug.

Elliotte Rusty Harold Published on April 28, There are two differences between a strict Mock Object and a normal Mock Object: Creates a mock object, of the requested type, that implements the given interface or extends the given class.

To work well with generics, this matcher and isNull Class can be used in these three ways: Here, I don’t want the document received by voteForRemovals to be equals, I want it to easjmock the exact same class instance coming from the cache. Proxy, but seems like you saved us lot of trouble. Let’s call it Collaborator.

Checked exceptions can only be thrown from the methods that do actually throw them. You can also have a look at the samples and the Getting Started.


Expects a comparable argument greater than the given value. You own instantiator which only needs to implement IClassInstantiator.

An exception will be thrown if that’s not the case. In this case only the methods added with addMockedMethod s will be mocked mockedMethod in the example. If no call count is specified, one call is expected.

Finally, an optional element, “fieldName”, allows specifying the target field name where the mock should be injected. The andReturn method defines the return value of this method for the specified method parameters. You set this new instantiator using ClassInstantiatorFactory.

However, there are some obvious constraints: Links and Literature 5. It can also verify that eawymock call those methods and only those methods, in the right order.


Mocks are injected to any field in any TestSubject that is of compatible type. As an example, we define voteForRemoval “Document” to return 42 for the first three calls, throw a RuntimeException for the next four calls, return once.

Up to this point, we have seen a mock object as a single object that is configured by static methods on the class EasyMock. For many tests using EasyMock, we only need a static import of methods of org. During the replay phase, mocks are by default thread-safe. The new documsntation here is the andThrow method. To specify that the exact same instance is needed for this call, we use the method same that is easymoock imported from the EasyMock class:.

Getting Started

It is also possible to specify a changing behavior for a method. However, the larger documentatlon more complex an interface becomes, the more onerous it is to write individual mocks for each unit test.


This type of specification should only be used if the line gets too long, as it does not support type checking at compile time. Expects a short array that is equal to the given array, i.

Create a mock builder allowing to create a partial mock for the given class or interface. So, we want to make sure addDocument is notifying Collaborator by calling documentAdded with the right title in argument. In this case, the first thing to do is to consider a refactoring since most documentatuon the time this problem was caused by a bad design.

EasyMockSupport (EasyMock API)

As an example, we docuentation the following expectation:. By adding the EasyMock class extension, you can create mocks for classes too. During partial mocking, if your method under test is calling some private methods, you will need to test them as well since you cannot mock them. As an example, we set up two mock objects for the interface IMyInterfaceand easymkck expect the calls mock1.

A failure in a test involving a mock object is a lot more likely to be a failure in the method under test than in one of its dependencies. T – the type documenttion the object, it is passed through to prevent casts. Unexpected method call documentRemoved “Does not exist”: We will now build a test case and toy around with it to understand the functionalities of EasyMock.

The expect method tells EasyMock to simulate a method with certain arguments. Installation Requirements EasyMock 3.