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casa bianchi Architectural Section, Modern House Plans, Villa, Interior . Mario Botta: Riva san Vitale Lugano, Carlo Scarpa, Single Family, Home And. The Bianchi House by architect Mario Botta was built in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland in House at Riva San Vitale Designed by Mario Botta by praenim in Types > School Work > Study Guides, Notes, & Quizzes.

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All the areas of this floor communicate visually with one another and with the spaces below, due to its openness. House in Corrubedo Galiciaby David Chipperfiel Spaces Bridge The main entranceway is vitalle across the slope of the mountain by a metal-structured bridge which begins at the top of the slope and cleanly crosses the space to enter the house by the upper level fifth floorarriving into the entrance hall from where you can access the balcony with views over Lake Lugano.

Each aperture in the facade frames a specific view and drawigs Mario Botta’s belief that architecture is the design of a location.

The staircase is placed in the heart of the structure, but not the geometric center. Nov 8, 16 It spiral trajectory provides us with an array of different views. Powered by WordPress and Hatch. It was precisely this combination of astonishing nature and basic construction which gave a special marioo to the area.

Are you sure you want to drawingz this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? The staircase situated in the centre of the work creates a radial distribution on each floor and a point of vertical connection that links all the levels. Apart from the 16th century temple in Riva San Vitale, there were once plentiful old “Roccoli”, or traditional bird hunting towers.


Residence in Riva San Vitale Commentary “The house at Riva San Vitale, on a sloping site facing Lake Lugano and distant snow-capped mountains, is entered at the upper level via a long steel bridge painted red.

Vernacular architecture At the north of the old fishing village, Riva San Vitale, the site is at the end of a small road that youse along the mountain slopes towards the border of an extensive wood.

Cookies We are using cookies crawings provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. Ground floor Finally, on the ground floor, there is a storage area, laundry and a semi-covered area in which vehicles are kept. Residence in Riva San Vitale. From the entrance, and in descending order, there is a studio and an upper terrace on the east overlooking the lake and the mountains; the parents’ bedroom with its spacious terrace facing south to the meadows, and then, below drawjngs floor with the children’s bedroom and playroom.

Vitqle a result, the feeling of crossing toward the house is similar to arriving in the countryside, when our viewpoint extends further, toward the church of Melano, the village at the other side of the lake.

Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale research project

While the inside is still mostly concrete, the walls are painted white. Swiss couple, Carlo and Leontina Bianchi, were close friends of Mario Botta when he reformed an old apartment in the small village of Genestrerio for them.

A square staircase located almost at the center of the square plan ties the blunt clarity of the massive exterior, the interior is labyrinthine and intimate.

But, any architecture school library should have some Botta books that touch on the subject. The interior of the house is the exterior landscape. Finally, on the ground floor, there is a storage area, laundry and a semi-covered area in which vehicles are kept. The feeling, when crossing the bridge towards the house, is of entering into the landscape, and one’s eyes extend beyond to the church of Melano, at the other side of the lake.


A gallery runs over both spaces. Due in part to Botta’s protest with his powerful architecture and shortly after the completion of the house, a new urban planning regulation declared the environment as a green belt and, hence, no further building construction was approved in the area.

Detail drawings will be harder to find. Because one of my friends suggested that these Impact doors and windows have better air filtration and water resistance quality. Later, although many of them were destroyed, some were converted into weekend houses.

Editorial Gustavo Gili, S. In the case of the house at Riva San Vitale, he reinterpreted the vernacular type of tower to protect the landscape, together with answering his friends’ wishes of tiva enjoying the views of the lake above the trees and by having a strong contact with the ground.

Bianchi House – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

Building the landscape From the old road that reaches the site at its top, a thin metal bridge leads to the house which is formed as a 13 metres drwwings by 10 metre square tower. Subscribers – login to skip vitalw. People Firms Blogs Forum. Last Created Threads Job options Transporting Materials the Bloomberg building Cheap architecture universities Applying for Internships is it worth a drafter have a profile on Archinect view all.

The house itself consists of a cubic tower frame with heavy corner pillars built of oversize concrete blocks.