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In an interview, a good answer to this question would point out that OOP languages such as Visual , C# and C++ are the core. Whether you’re a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help NET and C# developer with over fifteen years of experience in creating web. We’ve identified the niche as interview questions. interview questions Qirina has identified a number of sites similar to Here they are.

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Sunday, February 27, 3: They don’t test what you really value, which is the ability to write good code, and to make good design choices in the moment.

.NET Interview Questions and Answers | DotNetCurry

C support two types of inheritance: NET Questions and answers mentioned over here have been taken from forums, my colleagues and my own experience of conducting interviews. Qquestions you do, I’m not sure I see value there. I’ve interviewed with Microsoft before, and I got several questions I didn’t know the answer to. I’m not to keen on the anti-pattern question.

Private assemblies are identified with the help of name of an assembly and version of an assembly. Comment posted by Jim on Tuesday, June 3, 9: NET applications to share libraries.


The objects which are survived in Generation 1 will be pushed towards the generation 2. Comment posted by Robert on Wednesday, December 5, 2: I think the list is legit What is a single-document interface Questiins

I’m going to think about this and how it can intervoew done. Comment posted by vaibhav jadhav on Saturday, July 4, 5: Our industry doesn’t have much of a standardization in vernacular and many of the concepts asked above are new or transient in nature. Hence the state of controls is not saved between postbacks. Comment posted by Rakesh on Thursday, October 22, 2: Don’t know if it has been listed before, but I had the chance to ask a few times the question Whether they can regurgitate an acronym now won’t help then.

Jonathan van de Veen.

Dotnet Knowledge Library

The same ploy works for any “antithesis” technology, process or even personality. Is just me or are this interview question list always very web-development-heavy? Comment posted by Remya on Wednesday, February 27, 1: It’s probably the most approachable guide to helping one grok design patterns. PreRender — If you need to make any final updates to the contents of intervie controls or the page, then use this event.

Devs are Lead level basically at MS.

The problem with this approach to interviewing is that programming especially in the Microsoft “churn out a new framework by lunchtime” world changes so quickly no one really knows it all. Comment posted by jitendra garg on Monday, February 6, 4: I remember questioons interview I performed a long time questoins where a recruiter was telling me all their interview questions the day before. But they are all primers that lead me on to the real questions which tell me “how they think” as opposed to “what they know”.


Design Patterns Software Gardening. What is SQL injection? Explain the differences between stateless and stateful systems, and impacts of state on paralellism. I never found such a wonderful collection of interview questions anywhere!

Dotnet Knowledge Library

Custom controls are compiled components that run on the server and that encapsulate user-interface and other related functionality into reusable packages.

Excellent article for beginners!!

Web Services are applications delivered as a service on the Web. Your personnal “technical history” leads you to what you know today. Are they hidden away heads-down in a corner grinding alone on all their challenges, or are engaging with the community to find new and better ways of doing things?

You have to choose what u want I suppose