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Praise. “The best account [of the Peloponnesian War] now available.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review. “A fresh, clear and fast-moving account for general. The first volume of Donald Kagan’s acclaimed four-volume historyof the Peloponnesian War offers a new evaluation of the origins andcauses of the conflict, b. A New History of the Peloponnesian War is an ebook-onlyomnibus edition that includes all four volumes of Donald Kagan’sacclaimed account of the war between.

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Frederick Kagan’s wife is Kimberly Kagana well-known military historian and founder and president of the Institute for the Study of War. Euripides wrote his tragedies peloponnewian a time when the common people of Athens were suffering tragedy on a daily basis caused by the siege of Athens by Spartan troops and the gradual disintegration of its empire.

The Peloponnesian War

I don’t feel that my understanding is horribly marred because he is pro Athenian and I don’t get the feeling he is trying to sell war bonds for Athens. In the first phase of the war, the “Archidamian War,” Athens was kagann by Pericles to adopt a defensive strategy– to resist until the Spartans see they cannot be beaten.

The Date of the Battle of Potidaea. The war would last for almost three decades, with one significant truce of several years that was frequently violated.

Kagan does a good job explaining the players in the complicated political intrigue, from moderates who calculatingly went along with the to those who really would eliminate Athenian democracy in the name of defense.

It felt good to read some history again. This book is a must read as it summarizes Kagan’s work into one good entry level read on the war. A donakd enjoyable read that paces itself perfectly. For some, especially the first four mentioned, one really gets a sense of them as three-dimensional, and not just flat historical figures.

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That is the pdloponnesian lesson of this book. Kagan still feels strongly — as asserted in his Introduction — that there is much to be learned from the war beyond merely dry, narrative history. Okay, he’s cheering for the Athenians. The Papyrus Decree F.

I’m not really sure who this book is aimed at – it doesn’t have enough scholarly observations and discussion to be one for professors of antiquity, but I don’t think a beginner would find it helpful either, unless they are some I read this hoping to get a more accessible and engaging version of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War before embarking on that text.

The title conveys a central theme. Perhaps the history of Sparta is much less recorded, but in the end the Spartans were made to look like a menace around Athens, or more aptly a bunch of goons who could do nothing right, except getting lucky at times, and renegading on their oaths all the time.

I knew that it was a war between Athens and Sparta, but I was not even sure who won. Alcibiades and the Athenian navy score some victories against the Peloponnesians, and the Spartans sue for peace– which the Athenians reject because they would not accept the status quo with so many of their former colonies, including Byzantium and Ephesus, under Spartan control.

The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War

A fabulous work and so entirely enjoyable that I was very sad to have finished it. Unfortunately, Kagan does a surprisingly poor job providing background on all the related non-military matters. A long term rivalry. A lot could be learned from this book, among them a full picture of the 5th century political and military struggles among the ancient Greeks, which is highly valuable because there is so few accounts left or ever existed for other ancient civilizations, and this author weren’t shy from giving speculations and interpretations, made the book highly readable, informative and insightful.


Quite the commitment, and this is the condensed version, so hats off to anyone who’s read the four volume edition. By using this site, wat agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The War in Greece 6. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Due to the original detail this account is also very detailed — often describing what were no more than minor skirmishes with a handful of dead on each side — but the writing style and the careful chapter ordering and introduction as well peloponnesjan the detailed maps make kaban a good read which would really only be improved by a timeline and more summaries.

They promise that it will be “temporary” in order to save money and prevent the demise of Athens and will eventually restore democracy to a larger group of 5, Athens after the Persian War. Peloponnesiian other part about notes and appendices I probably wouldn’t read them. Kagan’s book also illustrates that Athenian Empire is a misnomer. The plot is quite thick at times.

Oct 11, Rachel Moyes rated it liked it. Pages with related products.

During the war, people do things so far outside cultural norms and accepted morality that it cracks the very foundations of their civilizations.