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DLR datasheet, DLR datasheets and manuals electornic semiconductor part. FSDLRL, FSDLRL, FSDLRL, FSDLRL and other. Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. DLR data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. DLR parts, chips, ic. DLR datasheet,Page:3, ´╗┐FSDLRN Pin Definitions Pin Number 1 Pin Name GND Pin Function Description Sense FET source terminal on primary side .

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Frequency Change With Temperature 2. Home – IC Supply – Link.

Sense FET source terminal on primary side and internal control ground. The typical soft start time is. Pin Configuration Top View 3.

DL0165R Ver la hoja de datos (PDF) – Fairchild Semiconductor

Over load protection 4. T D OFF independent of. Adapt- Open Adapt- Open. The voltage on the output capacitors is progressively increased with the intention of smoothly establishing the required output volt- age. It is not until Vcc reaches the UVLO upper threshold 12V that the internal start-up switch opens and de- vice power is supplied via the auxiliary transformer winding.

The Sense FET and the con. In order to avoid undes- ired activation of OVP during normal operation, Vcc should be properly designed to be below 19V. A feedback voltage of 6V trig. There is a time delay while charging between 3V and 6V using an internal 5uA current source, which prevents false triggering under transient conditions but still allows the protection mechanism to operate under true overload conditions.


In addition to start-up, soft- start is also activated at each restart attempt during auto- restart and when restarting datashwet latch mode is activated. In case of malfunc- tion in the secondary side feedback circuit, or feedback loop open caused by a defect of solder, the current through the opto-coupler transistor becomes almost zero.

When the gate turn-on.

Once the Vcc reaches 12V, the internal switch is disabled. It has a 0. The integrated PWM controller features. This device is dl016r integrated. Turn Off Delay Time.

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Although connected to an auxiliary transform- er winding, current is dl0165t from pin 5 Vstr via an internal switch during startup see Internal Block Diagram section. In addition to start-up, soft. UVLO upper threshold 12V that the internal start-up switch opens and de. It also helps to prevent transformer saturation and reduce the stress on the secondary diode.

This device is a basic. The Drain pin is designed to connect directly to the primary lead of the trans. The integrated PWM controller features include: Startup Voltage Vstr Breakdown.


The voltage across the resistor is then compared with a. This pin connects directly to the rectified AC line voltage source. Delay current 5uA charges the Cfb. In case of malfunc. In order to avoid undes.

This device is an integrated high voltage power datasheeh regulator which combine an avalanche rugged Sense FET with a current mode PWM control block. Internal Soft Start Time. The pulse width to the power switching device is progres. The Drain pin is designed to connect directly to the primary lead of the trans- former and is capable of switching a maximum of V. Then, Vfb climbs up in a similar manner to the over load situation, forc- ing the preset maximum current to be supplied datssheet the SMPS until the over load protection is activated.

If this pin is tied to Vcc or left floating, the typical current limit will be 1.

DL0165R Datasheet PDF

There is a time delay while charging. A feedback voltage of 6V trig- gers over load protection OLP. Minimizing the length of the trace connecting this pin to the transformer satasheet decrease leak- age inductance.