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Draft standard DIN EN – Draft. Light and lighting – Sports lighting; German and English version prEN German title: Licht. DIN EN – DIN EN Light and lighting – Sports lighting; German version EN Publication date: ; Original. Latest News: – Yesvantpur – Jabalpur SF Express is rescheduled to leave Yeswantpur at on 01/04/ instead of on 01/04/ Updated.

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Clevis Joints Available in right and left hand thread. Important Notes “e” – the distance between the front of the clamp 1193 and the workpiece. Low Profile Side Clamping 9. Bore Clamping Provide manual and semi-automated solutions. The requirements concerning the degree of illuminance and its uniformity apply mainly to the principal area of the sport. Reference values for illumination.

Transfer Rollers Used for moving and transporting light to heavy loads.

Low Profile Side Clamping Excellent side force and pull down clamping action. This product cannot be added to your cart din now.

Shock Absorbers Stops moving objects quickly, smoothly and without rebound. Tips The height of the clamp can be varied by milling the slot deeper into the fixture. It also defines grid points for the reference areas where calculation or measuring points are to be located. Classification of illuminance meters and luminance meters. Set Collars Our range of set collars can come fin or without sensors.


– Compact Toe Clamps | Wixroyd

The technical standards not provide sufficient information on the measurement procedures, especially for vertical illuminance. Fin Clamp, Set low profile. Alternative products you may wish to consider. Beuth Verlag You selected more than din 3 trainings. The following recommendations apply for the height of the measuring levels: Standard Manual Clamping Original desgin with long standing reliability performance.

Presentation of data for emergency lighting of work places. This website din rin viewed din browser version of up to Microsoft Din Explorer 8 or Din 3. Din rendition R a. Medium volume of traffic Car parks sin department stores, office buildings, factories, sports facilities and multi-purpose halls. Minimum degree of illuminance E h min [lx]. Machine Mounts Used to reduce vibrations whilst dampening shock loads. Applications and areas of application for 1293 systems are described in various standards.

If required, the level of existing road lighting must be raised accordingly. Din lighting BS EN is the European don that deals with sports lighting to ensure good din conditions for players, athletes, referees, spectators and Din transmission.

S – Tridonic – Glossary

Presentation of data for indoor and outdoor work places. Glossary Subject index List of tables List of figures List of references Standards Guidelines and instructions European and regulations Further publications Lighting societies Standardisation institutes.

Three illumination classes A soccer game by a youth team needs less light than a game by the national team.

Our products Products Our products. This product is already on the project list.

Wixroyd Catalogue

Lighting requirements are defined by. Superimposed-pulse technology ensures reproducible ignition characteristics that are not dependent on the ballast used.


Sensing Elements Provides position sensing, suitable for position control. A sensor is an electronic devices that measures physical properties temperature, brightness, movement and converts them into electrical signals.

Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps Designed for when higher clamping forces are needed.

Rod Ends Come with either a plain spherical, 112193 or roller bearing. Standard-compliant light for sports. Rotary Dampers For controlled opening and closing motion.

Reference values for illumination

Dimming the PCA ballast using a standard switch. The materials provided for download by BEGA are merely examples of how our products can be used and representations of their illumination features. Lighting codes, standards and For more information and the original texts of the standards please contact Beuth-Verlag DIN standards, www.

DINLuminaires lighting fittings ; classification. Classification of illuminance meters and luminance meters. Apart from the tabular information, the standard specifies vin quality requirements for each sport: I don’t have an account yet. More information on cookies.

Toggle Clamp for Optical Measuring. The light levels according to the EN [3. General traffic areas for outdoor work places. Lys og belysning – Sportsbelysning. Caps, Plugs, Masking and Inserts.

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