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Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta by Dr Deepak Chopra, M. D. (Chopra Center for Well Being??? Chopra Center for Well Being Chopra Center for Well . Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Deepak Chopra ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction. Buy Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta by M D Deepak Chopra M D from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new.

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Convincing people to abandon their traditional Gods and take on monotheism was indeed a monumental feat for a goat herder who could neither read nor write. The decision to launch the book at such a time could have been an opportune one by the publisher, harnessing the mass dl that people had with the most influential man ever in the history of mankind.

Each chapter is written from mahom perspective of a different character, which gives a nice sense of how different factions reacted as well as people closer to him. It gave the reader insight into Muhammad’s life through the eyes of family, traitors, enemy, trades people, slaves The only reason I’m giving this book 1 star is because of it historical inaccuracy.

Apr 12, Lindsey rated it it was ok. Mar 16, Linda rated it really liked it. Compellingly told, this is not only good storytelling; it also helps readers, especially non-Muslims, better understand the complexities and contradictions surrounding Islam. In short, the novel itself is worth reading, but the afterword only feeds into existing prejudices and stereotypes about Islam.

: Deepak Chopra – Islam / Religion: Books

profetw Chopra’s stilted writing style made several of his non-historical novels less than enjoyable to me in the past. Muslims, listen to me, it’s about time we don’t take our Islam for granted, it’s time to think more deeply about it and sense it’s power and bueaty in our life.

I always prefer to read about prophet Muhammad’s life from non-Muslims because their point of view is always objective, transparent, bold and non political. Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty-two New York Times best sellers in both fiction and non-fiction, his works have been published in more than forty-three languages. Nahoma is a total way of life, including personal life and governance.


I had expected a “deeper” analysis of His life and teachings so this was not the book that catered to my expectations. By writing each chapter from a different character’s perspective, including Muhammad’s enemies, Chopra offers fascinating perspective and varies what might otherwise be a monotonal story.

Picturing all Arabs as barbaric!

In fact, I would argue that you come away from it knowing less, not more, about Islam. Well, it was interesting. Mar 24, Heather rated it mahomaa liked it. And when I corrected him he said, “No, it was before Christ. I would recommend reading this along with at least one or two other books that tell the stories of Islam and its Prophet. Religion in general is a touchy subject and no matter how an author discusses it, criticism is bound to appear. Not because they didn’t agree with the message, but because they stood to lose tons of revenue from the visitors to Mecca who trekked to the holy city to visit the sacred house built by Prophet Abraham and his son.

Apr 08, Sanjida Kamal rated it liked it. Still so much hostility and affinity for intrigue and strife.

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I call myself Queen of the Nile, but the last time I looked there isn’t a crown under my pillow. W I’ve read a number of biographies on the Choora Prophet and found this book an interesting departure from the usual presentation.

I believe that you histoia judge past events and generations on today’s standards. This book on Muhammad is 3rd, 1st is Buddha. This book did the trick for me on the life of Muhammad. Preview — Muhammad by Deepak Chopra.

Each chapter is relayed from the viewpoint of a different character which was very clever. He goes on to talk about Sufism in very positive ter This is a quick read, and it was interesting to imagine how people would have reacted mahpma Muhammad in the early days of his revelation, as well as how challenging the situation was for him. Return to Book Page. Lists with This Book. He goes on to talk about Sufism in very positive terms, but seems to make a distinction between Islam and Sufism, rather than seeing that the Sufi approach to Islam demonstrates that Islam is not monolithic nor does it have gistoria be interpreted choora.


The novel takes on different vantage points of characters that have encountered Muhammad at various stages of his life. The book never attempts to be a narration on the entire life story of the Prophet, yet the author was dl to take you through his life with snippets as told through the eyes of his wife, his daughter, a Jewish holy man etc. But if you want to see how a spiritual scholar views Islam, then go ahead. It presented views of Muhammad and his forebears through the voices of various persons in Mecca and Medina who had mmahoma contact with them.

Chopra as “one of the top heroes and icons of the century and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.

This is my second novel on Muhammad and I frankly find his story fascinating. I read this with my book club. If you are interested in Muhammad and the growth of Islam, and don’t want the history deepaj, I recommend this little book that sheds a different light on Muhammad. It was kind of like Bible stories, but I didn’t have to read the Koran to get the facts.

Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta

Well written as usual from Chopra, gave me a lot of new information about the origin and fundamentals of Islam, as deepqk as always reminded me of the nature of human beings. I find this one a bit difficult to rate.

He created this earth and then disappeared into it, like an ocean disappearing into a drop of water. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I also understand the author’s motivation in writing the book – exploring how an apparently common man had the revelation of God. The book focused more on the man than his teachings, which I found to be less than satisfying.