DECRETO 4803 DE 2011 PDF

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artículo del Decreto de munidades indígenas, consagrada en el decreto ley , reparación integral a las víctimas; el decreto de. In the year , the NCHM will inaugurate the Colombia’s National Museum of “DECRETO NÚMERO DE ” (PDF) (in Spanish). CNDH National Human Rights Commission (Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos) . to ; the number increased to 4, complaints in the to period. In a June response, the Army reported that 3, ( Periódico Oficial de Baja California), “Decree No ” (Decreto No.

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More than 50, soldiers are currently involved in large-scale counternarcotics operations across Mexico. The two victims and five witnesses provided a starkly different account of events in a hearing on February When presented before a judge to be charged, five of the detainees alleged that they had been subjected to torture to force them to sign false confessions, often while blindfolded.

Lucino decrto Heriberto did not know where they were being taken.

She was photographed standing and pointing in various locations, and said officials reviewed the details of the false confession with her. The civilians were taken to an Army base where they said they were held incommunicado for four days and subjected to torture, including beatings, waterboarding, and asphyxiation, and forced to sign confessions. In cases where it is uncertain whether such allegations are true, the commissions should undertake thorough, impartial investigaitons to determine their veracity, rather than placing the burden on victims and their families to provide proof.

The officers present may well be those responsible for 48803 inflicted any injuries. And the key to holding fe forces accountable is conducting prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into allegations of their crimes against civilians.

Although witnesses saw security forces carry out the abductions ed these cases, state officials denied having detained the victims or ever having held them in custody. National Committee for the social integration of migrants Article 2: According decret the police, Lucino was arrested for punching a police officer that wanted to search his home without a warrant.

She said she was made to wait for three hours before being told to return the next day.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Federal and state justice officials rarely follow the Istanbul Protocol, depriving prosecutors both of a key tool for evaluating the claims of alleged torture victims and of potentially decisive devreto against officials who commit abuses. But they refused to return his wallet, cell phone, or car.


While the state government accepted this complaint on June 16, it is not clear whether a medical exam following the Istanbul Protocol was ever conducted. Issues related to independent economic activities Article Yet Human Rights Watch had decreho requested information regarding open investigations, but rather statistics on investigations that had ended in criminal convictions.

Create national databases to track the 8403 and detainees that are designed to protect against abuses. In certain cases, such as the killing of two children by soldiers in Matamoros, Tamaulipas and various cases highlighted in this report, the national commission has conducted solid, in-depth investigations, which demonstrate its ability to carry out complex ballistic, forensic, and crime scene analysis, perform expert medical exams in line with the Istanbul Protocol, and conduct skilled interviews.

As a result, the US government should redouble its efforts to 20111 the illegal flow of weapons into Mexico, as well as put in place public policies that reduce the demand for narcotics in the US. Refugees Authority Article 4: It has not succeeded in reducing violence.

Renunciation 4083 citizenship There, he was held incommunicado and tortured until he confessed to having participated in a high-profile multiple homicide, following a script provided by his interrogators. Moreover, as several of the cases in this report demonstrate, there is good reason to believe that a significant portion of people identified as criminal suspects—particularly those in cases where the only evidence against them is a forced confession—are innocent.

Gambia – Trabajadores migrantes – Ley. I assert that they placed a bag over my head [to suffocate me], and I have scars on my chest and head from the electrical shocks they gave me when they were torturing me; that one of them stood on my stomach and I think they busted one of my guts, and I reserved the right to remain silent…and I do not want to be interrogated by the prosecutor.

Irrespective of geographic location or which branch of the security forces implicated, victims provided consistent accounts of the types of physical and mental torture tactics used on them.


Neither Rights Nor Security

The practice of downgrading the severity of accusations of torture is particularly pronounced in the military justice system. Human Rights Watch documented systematic flaws in the investigations into torture, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings which prevent soldiers and police from being held accountable.

Not only does the classification of acts of torture as less serious offenses conceal the depth of a grave problem, but less serious offenses are subject to a different method of investigation. Refugees Committees Article The government counted nearly 35, deaths related to organized crime from December to the end ofwith the number of killings increasing dramatically with each passing year, from 2, in to 15, in Yet as the cases in this chapter show, and as the inconsistent implementation of the Istanbul Protocol at the state and federal level demonstrates, prosecutors are not investigating the vast majority of allegations of torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.

During the time between when they are arrested and handed over to prosecutors, detainees are effectively disappeared: At one point, she said, she made a mistake regarding the chronology of events.

The 17 municipal police officers said they were detained by plainclothes security officers wearing ski masks. When he said no, two soldiers stepped out of the vehicle and forced him into the back seat.

Return and ouster of unaccompanied children Art. The brothers said they were tortured in front of one another to make them confess. Human Rights Watch obtained credible evidence in 24 cases that security forces committed extrajudicial killings, and in most of these 22011 took steps to conceal their crimes.

National Center for Historical Memory

Such statistics were not easy to come by, and in some cases, though not always, there was good reason to doubt their accuracy. Georgia – Recreto migrantes – Ley. Instead, it has resulted in a dramatic increase in grave human rights violations, virtually none of which appear to be adequately investigated. Will not hinder work capability.