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Primarily known for military SF, Drake (Fireships, etc.) shows a wider Lord of the Isles. David Drake, Author Tor Books $ (0p) ISBN With Lord of the Isles, David Drake returns to fantasy with a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world where the. David Drake has written fantasies before, but the Lord of the Isles series is his first full-on venture into Jordan-style multibook VLFN saga-spinning. And I’m sad .

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Lord of the Isles (David Drake)

It’s truly a pity that fantasy writers pay so little attention to characters, strangling them with some self-important sense of omniscience. In any case, I finally decided to dive right xavid.

All of it is ornamented like an overdone Christmas tree with over-the-top descriptions of gardens, tombs, forests, deserts, prehistoric plants and wondrous creatures, using all the colorful adjectives that could be squeezed together in pages of four parallel story lines. Refresh and try again. And I do have a passing interest in teh. The plot spools along at a good clip, with interesting characters and locations.

Lord of the Isles Series by David Drake

At least the language is not foul. An exciting modern fantasy that is highly original and filled with such spectacular characters. So my final rating for this is really 2. There are nine novels in the complete Isles series.

This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat This leads to the problem of how Drake uses magic in the book. InDrake began his largest fantasy series, Lord of the Islesusing elements of Sumerian religion and medieval era technology. However, being that I was traveling and partially that I’m just a bit compulsive about finishing books I read it all the way through. Book cover art by Kevin Murphy left ; Lotd Giancola right.


While Drake is an accomplished writer of military oof, he fired a blank on this one. The Fortress of Glass Posted on May 9, by admin. Similarly to stand-out authors like Robert Jordan, who is a master of heroic fantasy, or Terry Goodkind whose phenomenal imagination and power is simply mind-blowing Drake stands equally alongside them. Like the blues in the s, Isles starts off as straight-ahead fantasy with the usual building blocks, but takes it in some interesting directions.

In any case, if you were reading and loving epic fantasy in the 90s, you probably read and loved this.

Books in the Isles Series

Jan 01, Dave rated it it was ok. It’s not so easy or cheap to get books when traveling in Thailand, especially far from Bangkok. Queen of Demons Posted on February 18, by admin. Then, as now, the power that fueled all magic in the world rose precipitously, allowing the use of spells so powerful that they shattered the cohesion of nations, driving them apart and in the process killing Garric’s ancestor, Carrus, and sinking the island of Yole. They should have killed themselves in the first five minutes.


From treacherous Queens to faithful and faithless courtiers, peasants and shepherds who are more than they seem, wizardry and magic alongside your heroes and heroines. Many times, I found myself thinking “Well, I didn’t see that coming. And as I have so many books already, I thought I’d just stick with the ones I’ve already purchased.

Among the players are a king’s ghost and two magicians who were present at the ancient disaster one of them caused itplus modern wizards, warriors, and unknowing descendants of royalty. This is a sore subject with me.

She finds herself in a small town far from the new centers of power, but among a small group who, all unknowing, will become the focus of a new struggle for dominance and magical power that will shake this world, and others. Ilna, one of the four young protagonists, thinks how when weaving you need to have the pattern in mind before you start or else you’d be a poor craftsman. lorx

Won’t be continuing with this series. I wrote a whole lot more on this on the blog jsles you’ll have to swing by for the full spoilerfree chuckle: Aug 16, Lindsay Stares rated it it was ok.

Let’s break it down like I normally do. Followed by Queen of Demons. To put it bluntly: