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Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi. Translated by Titus Burckhardt. A selection from the Rasa’il al-darqawiyya, an important document among the Sufi . THE first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam, published in , while admitting the importance of the Darqāwī order (see Derkāwā) in Morocco and Algeria. Mawlay al-‘Arabi ad-Darqawi.. letters from the Shaykh to the Fuqara on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I advise all of you, elite and common.

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No one can dispense with the shaykh in any of the disciplines, especially the discipline of Sufism. Only mention good about people since the Prophet, draqawi be upon him, said, “Whoever is not thankful to people is not thankful to Allah.

Letters On The Spiritual Path

By Allah, whoever is free is a wali. Then the thoughts of the self, shaytan, and every affliction will inevitably leave you. Then that sharif called one of his sons to come before him and asked him, “What would you do to someone who was good to you?

All that they contain is only the Shari’a of the Master of the Messengers, the path of the wayfarers, indications of the realised gnostics who have arrived, and the ecstasies of the beloved lovers.

He should not be content with the waridat from any wird for that might prevent him from obtaining the real Desire. I testify that there is no god but Allah alone, with no partner. Rather, it would be refined, brought to its own essence, and 54 purified of turbidity. However, the material world has overtaken them and taken a grip on their hearts and limbs, preventing them from obtaining these meanings, for they are opposites that never meet.


Our Lord, give us life by peace and let us enter the Abode of Peace. I knocked on the door and there he was, standing, sweeping the zawiyya.

The house contained many canes. He, may Allah be pleased with him, was among the loftiest and most majestic shaykhs of the tariqa, may Allah be pleased with them and give us the benefit of their baraka.

Whoever finds them heavy and burdensome should take them. They were by themselves in a secluded place — then they liked to do dhikr in a group, aloud with lteters voice as was his circle of dhikr. We want for you to stimulate the slaves of Allah to remember Allah.

By Allah, we did not look at anyone with the intention of having him return from the state of heedlessness to the state of dhikr without his state being immediately transformed to what we desired. It because this is pertinent that I have repeated part of the teaching. The significance of these references is that they refer not letterss the traditional method of its invocation used in the Shadhili Way, which preceded the Darqawi Dadqawi, but because they speak of the technique which Sidi ‘ Ali al-Jamal taught to him.

It has left them deaf, dumb and blind. This is part of what one must believe.

Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi | The Matheson Trust

When Farqawi saw him doing that, I told him, “Stop wearing the patched robe and notoriety will leave you. That is their only occupation. He was drowned in the sea of the reality. He carried two or three cases on his back. All of them are people of modesty, generosity, bereftness and self-restraint. Only one or two letters have been omitted which seemed to repeat matters already dealt with and some matters of little interest. Had they known that, they would have found that inside themselves are seas without a shore.


I said to him with severity and anger, “If you wish to win, then strike and send it packing! It is the state of divestment since it has great excellence and a clear secret. The goal is to imitate us.

That will enrich him greatly. None takes her and daeqawi her excellence, beauty, and what charms she has except for the one who has 60 abandoned his passion. He should also always keep his body clean of filth, or more precisely, impurity, and keep clean the hair of the private parts and armpits, the nails of the hands and feet, and his clothes and place.

He left nothing of his evening meal for his breakfast and nothing of his breakfast for his evening meal, to such an extent that it included the oil of the lamp-wick. Then we would be a cause of their being merciful, and Allah shows mercy to the merciful. The purpose of this great invocation is nothing less than fana fi’llah — annihilation in Allah. Listen to 62 the answer of the saint of Allah, Sayyidi Sahl at-Tustari, to one of his murids who said to him, “Master — food!

Had he been purified of it, his luminosity would have become weak and he would have tasted what the Rijal have tasted, may Allah be pleased with them.

The man of intelligence should only write that which the intellects of people will accept. I had a dream while I was in Fes in the s.