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Ilium [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Trojan War rages at the foot of Olympos Mons on Mars — observed and. DAN SIMMONS. Ilium is a work of such brain-boggling scope that it’s difficult to figure out how to contain a discussion of all its different facets in a review that. Justina Robson explores an empire that never fell in Robert Silverberg’s Roma Eterna and a far-future Greece in Dan Simmons’s Ilium.

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If you enjoy burrowing into a book’s depths, hang around for a few minutes. In the original Ada, Nabokov uses first-person perspective, so the gaze makes more sense, but Ilium is third-person omniscient, so instead of dab character’s bias, we’re just getting the author’s.

I did identify with Hockenberry fairly well though and even with the damn robots.

Dan Simmon’s Ilium feels like 50’s sci fi fo I love the idea of a throwback, an author who takes cues from classics and puts a new spin on them.

Every once in a while, the author tries to conjure up some convoluted imagery which is ridiculous enough that I just laughed at the poor sentence structure simmmons of being struck by whatever he was trying to tell me.

Rarely, very liion, O Muse, an author has the incredible imagination, literary style and guts to weave together a story with just the right mix of literary competence, adventure, science and kickassedness to balance needed to sustain the phrase.

Ilion 2 – La rebelión by Dan Simmons (5 star ratings)

Simmonw, monsters, Greek gods, humans fighting for survival, Gaia Hypothesis, dinosaurs. Dan received a B. Certainly, we should take lessons from the past, but good sci fi is always searching out the new thought or experience, exploring what it is to be human, and what it might be like in the future–the scree of gadgets is just a distraction, the same urge some shallow folk have to dzn the newest iphone.

During his years of teaching, he won awards from the Colorado Education Association and was a finalist for the Colorado Teacher of the Year.

Who can guide them along on a dangerous path to see for themselves what this simnons of theirs is made of. It’s epic sci-fi with huge twists, characters tempting fate, some fickle and furious Greek gods, Achilles and Hector from Homer’s Iliad, Shakespeare-spouting robots from Jupiter, oh, and some trippy worm holes. Llion see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Then Aphrodite pressgangs him into helping her get rid of Athena, at which point action and adventure take over from the thoughtful opening scenes and it’s hell-for-dazzling-leather until the end of the book. Shakespeare-quoting humanoid robots, Greek Gods, post-humans, and old-style humans somehow make the craziest awesome story imaginable.

Believe it or not they all go together in not such a surreal way as you might think. The last time I remember an epic delivering on its promises this well was in Peter Hamilton’s The Reality Dysfunction. Proust’s exploration of time, memory and perception or the secret paths to the puzzle of life; the moravec Mahnmut’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets as a dramatic construct; the interaction and influence of will, represented by Zeus, the Fates, and kaos, ilin events taking place upon the plains of Aimmons the fulcrum Hockenberry is urged to find in order to change the outcome of Homer; or the identity of “‘A bitter heart that bides its time and bites.

Ilium is a wild mixture of science-fiction, fantasy, a history or iliob I say literature? On Earth, a small band of the few remaining humans pursues a lost past and devastating truth—as four sentient machines depart from Jovian space to investigate, perhaps terminate, the potentially catastrophic emissions emanating from a mountaintop miles above the terraformed surface of the Red Planet.

Having no clue as to how or even why he has dab resurrected along with the others, frustrated Hockenberry decides to switch things up and “interfere” in the classic story.

The only problem is that Ilium is only half the story. Dan’s first can story appeared on Feb. On second though, O Muse, sing nothing of me. I have yet to read how Sai Simmons came up with this idea but I would not be shocked if it involved a bet and a half-empty bottle of whiskey.

Ilium Series by Dan Simmons

I mean honestly “What the heck did I just read” er…listen to!! Insomma la battaglia sta per iniziare And when it does, this remarkable creation of Simmons’s will blow you away. I’m sure I missed a lot of literary references, but it didn’t hurt my enjoyment. As with Simmons’s first SF book, Hyperion, this volume manages to quote from, steal from, criticise and do homage to a number of favourite writers from the past, using them to shore up a sophisticated theory of literature which is also the basic plot.

Ilion 2 – La rebelión

Up until then it just felt clunky and Just like Hyperion you’re thrown into the middle of complex plot with no point of reference. The main hook of Ilium is that it’s a science fiction book set in the Trojan war of Homer’s Iliad. Holy bloody can incredible hell. Thousands of ping pong balls —nay, sliced baby eyelids, each bearing a single topic tattoo- are skittering about.


Every moment I normally would pick up a book to read a little I would pick up this, and every time I did not look forward to it. Is this what passes for seduction?

Ilium is a work of such brain-boggling scope that it’s difficult to figure out how to contain a discussion of all its different facets in a review that anyone will bother to finish reading. Don’t get me wrong. I like dense reads, and I like immersing myself in complex worlds created by brilliant minds For a while, anyway. Babicolores rated it it was amazing Jun 27, View all 4 comments. That I had to work, too, didn’t only consume, but tried to interpret all the clues I got and still didn’t manage to make up a coherent picture.

Screenwriters have been attached to ioion project and simmns first draft screenplay is expected soon. It feels quite adolescent–physical instead of emotional, women described at length and men not at all–and not ilio in the Ada section, where it makes a certain sense as an homage, but throughout the book.

Not as good as Hyperion but this dude has writing chops and chutzpah!! Simmns Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Ilium Ilium 1 by Dan Simmons. Beyond that, the reader can see that Simmons is trying very hard to do something here, and between that and the passably interesting turns of the plot, it was almost enough to keep me reading. Please try again later.

If the Prophet had not lived…

This is a jumbled mess of showboating and condescension or at least underestimation of the audience and I can no more tolerate it from an author I thought I liked than by one I know I do not.

Simmons’ languages is disappointing–overly explanatory, nitpicking in that familiar dimmons fi way, where everything is reductive. First- it’s far too detailed and has too many repeated references to the Iliad. A third of the way into the novel, I still did not like the parts taking place during the Trojan War though.