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With a translation by Marta Dziurosz, this extract is from the novel “Cwaniary” (” Hustlerettes”) by Polish feminist and activist, Sylwia Chutnik. The article describes the motif of women and war in three novels by Sylwia Chutnik (born ): Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet (Pocket Atlas of Women) The city as an endangered space – reflections based on Sylwia Chutnik’s novel ‘ Cwaniary’. Languages of publication. PL. Abstracts. In Chutnik’s novel Warsaw.

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Chutnik was recognized by many institutions for her literary achievements as well as social work. Ruth Leiserowitz, fibre Verlag, You can see them buying wine in the evenings and inviting their friends around.

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Voices of Refugee and Exiled Women, ed. They are a great gift to us. Her debut novel Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet Pocket Atlas of Women was published in In she became the laureate of Paszport Polityki Award for her literary works [6]. University of Chicago Press, Five Leaves Publications, Now try to clean that up, try to tidy that away!

Drawing from the context of modern Western studies, reflections on these works concern the relationship between gender and war, assuming that it grants an active and heroic role to men while putting women in the role of civilian victims, and in doing so, it consolidates the traditional social hierarchy.


Chutnik Sylwia, Cwaniary, Warszawa: Chutnik has been nominated for the Nike Literary Award three times so far. And friends will murmur: In her understanding, this memory forms an undertone in Polish culture, and has only recently been acknowledged by the so-called oral history. No rings on their swollen fingers. Watson Alexander, Enduring the Great War. Nobody will lead you to the pyre, so that you can burn along with your beloved, nobody expects anything from you. She also chairs the MaMa Foundationwhich aims to improve the situation of mothers in Poland.

Ziemie polskie w latach Wielkiej Wojny —, Warszawa: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. We, young widows, would like to return our relationships, because they broke suddenly. She is a laureate of the Lady of Warsaw competition, and won the Wawoactive contest. Sylwia Chutnik” in Polish.

What to do with those crumbs? But neither of them would want to be her, if she was, she would bite her wrists in a scream of despair stretching from the feet cwanairy the top of her head.

Will start asking questions or turn away. They sweep life aside, spend it the way you spend loose change.

Her second novel Dzidzia Diddums came out in Is it possible to lodge a complaint against a cwwaniary rendered service of life story? Kobieta i rewolucja obyczajowa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A hand of cards waiting to be shuffled.


Cwaniary. Sylwia Chutnik by Róża Pączkowska – Listen to music

She graduated in gender studies at Warsaw University. Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet, Dzidzia, Cwaniary In other projects Wikimedia Sylwi. Bourke Joanna, Dismembering the Male. Not be ashamed at all.

Discovering those worlds comes as a huge relief to all mourners. In her works she focuses on feminism and gender issues, Polish culture and history [3]. Polish women novelists births Living people University of Warsaw alumni 21st-century Polish novelists 21st-century women writers Polish writer stubs Polish feminists.

Their texts just say: Chutnik is a member of The Polish Writers’ Association. You can drink alcohol at parties, because your youth needs to be watered. Nobody will begrudge you your new way of life, because how is this girl supposed to just sit there and bewail?

Sylwia Chutnik

Then you can get up at night, in the dark flat, and look the dead person in the face. Burke Joanna, An intimate History of Killing.

Women and Men at War.