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The young fruits, often mildly tasting of cucumber but not crisp, are eaten raw and older fruits are cooked.

Tiene 1 cm y son 3 q sembre en vasitos de yogurt. Saul Gamio 2 de julio de Editor 17 caifua junio de The Moche culture had a fascination with agriculture and displayed this in their art. Also, cabbages and corn are bad predecessors. Mostly it is held solely and climbing up whatever it can find. University of San Martin In addition to the antioxidant activity, the Caigua fruits also have a therapeutic potential in a variety of inflammatory and allergic diseases as well as in cancer therapy.

Cyclanthera pedata – Wikiwand

Ya tengo dos primeras reproductoras From the beginning of March the black pointy seeds can cultivl cultivated in greenhouses.

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 34 2— Hola muy interesante tu pagina me ayudo de mucho, he sembrado mi caigua ya esta dando fruto tengo 2 ya grandes pero tienen como unas espinitas no se si ya las puedo cocechar o tengo que esperar que caiggua espinas desaparezcan.


Kaywa is known from cultivation only, and its large fruit size as compared to closely dd wild species suggests that it is a fully domesticated crop. Food Chemistry,— Los frutos son muy pequenos pero ya se ven 1cm. Its use goes back many centuries as evidenced by ancient phytomorphic ceramics from Peru depicting the fruits.

The edged green stems are ascending and lying if not tied to a structure. Hola Jorge, que bueno que puedo hacerte preguntas ya que soy una inexperta en Cosas de siembra. The Clyclanthera pedata is also very interesting when it comes to yields, it is known that it can produce up cultjvo g of fruit per plant.

Saludos a la distancia. Muchas gracias Jorge por compartir formas de cultivo de la caigua! Gracias por tus respuestas.

Si te han quedado semillas hace la prueba, y espero que tengas suerte. Me regalaron unas semillas de Caigua o Achojcha para que las plantara en octubre. Each Plant has both male grape shaped flower head and female single flowers.

Gracias por el saludo. The kaywa was often depicted in their ceramics.

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Eduardo BANA 11 de agosto de Other chemicals in the Caigua include triterpenoid saponins and the seeds have been reported with six cucurbitacin glycosides. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 4 August55— Luis Soriano 26 de agosto de LiLiAnA 25 de enero de Puede llegar a alcanzar alturas de 3 — 5 metros dependiendo dee las condiciones ambientales y nutritivas de su desarrollo.

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Maria Jose Houssein 23 de octubre de8: Hola mira fijate soy de chile y el fruto de la caigua tiene un brote March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Hola soy de Lima Determination of the mineral composition of Caigua Cyclanthera pedata and evaluation using multivariate analysis. Hola soy de peru vivo en argentina y mi mama trajo semillas de caiua y sembre en agosto y ya paso 3 meses y no da fruto ni flor queria saber cuando dara frytos porque esta creciendo muchisimo y nada gracias espero su respuesta.

Patricia Miranda 5 de julio de ,