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NORMA COVENIN (Review ). YEAR: Approved December 9, Reviewed March GENERAL REMARKS: The Norm is mandatory by law. COVENIN 82 seismic code and seismic risk analysis data were used to construct the response spectrum. Furthermore, the earthquake time duration. Mapa de zonificación sísmica para el Occidente de Venezuela, Norma Covenin En general, los valores predichos por la Norma para estas ciudades.

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Introduction Along its history, Venezuela has been severely affected by destructive earthquakes [ 1 ]. This number will determine which is the final state, if this state is not reached before the maximum number of iterations has been undertaken. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers.

November 21st Published: When CYPECAD carries out a dynamic analysis modal spectral to calculate the seismic action, users have the option to not consider any floors below ground level in the dynamic model. For this purpose they has been computed three synthetic elastic design spectrum-compatible accelerograms by means of the PACED program [ 23 ].

Built by scientists, for scientists. Gran Mariscal con calle Kennedy Edif.

These are generated automatically depending on a fracture criterion which relates the damage suffered by an element with the relative displacement of its ends. Using this option, users can consult the relative displacement and associated damage, per generated state and seismic loadcase of each construction element. For an application example, an artificial accelerogram compatible with the Brazilian Standard NBR Using this module in CYPE-Connect, the program designs, checks and generates the detailing of coplanar joints composed of hollow structural sections, which are most commonly used in flat trusses with circular hollow sections, rectangular hollow sections, square hollow sections and hollow sections composed of two channels welded in a box.

Case studied A two story RC framed building was studied, Figure 1awhich contains internal staircase and m 2 total plan area.


Acknowledgments Authors wish to acknowledge to the Scientific and humanistic Council of Lisandro Alvarado University for the financial support of the research in the field of non-regular structures. Finally, if the performance point is on the Quadrant IV, the structure does not has enough lateral strength and then the reinforcement technique must be FRP jacketing.

The current tendency of earthquake engineering in the evaluation of structural behavior is the application of simplified mechanical methods based on performance, involving the capacity spectrum [ 5 ], because there are developed refined models and detailed analysis.

Acelerogramas artificiais de sismos aplicados a edificações.

The seismic action coveni managed in terms of response spectra and buildings were evaluated in terms of demand-capacity. The Quadrants Method also uses this parameter in order to define the roof displacement of the case studied, defined according to the N2 method [ 5 ]. The reserve of resistance was compared with an alternative approach based on bilinear representation of capacity and for its evaluation the inelastic static analysis Adaptive Pushover was used.

The Quadrants Method is based on the results of the non-linear 1576 analysis Pushover analysis.


On the other hand, in order to know the maximum torsional moments for each column in this model, there were applied four seismic combinations where it was covvenin that there was greater torsion in the case of the component of the earthquake in Z-direction.

The torsional moments for the other seismic combinations used in this study were obtained using the same procedure. Once activated, another option appears: Flat trusses with hollow structural sections CYPE-Connect was implemented in the previous program version With the global drifts, it was evaluated the threshold of covvenin collapse Limit State, which corresponds to the maximum value of 2.

To circumvent such a situation, building codes indicate the use of artificial accelerograms, but do not provide a methodology for obtaining them. According to current technical and scientific advances, seismic evaluation of reinforced concrete RC structures can be done by two different approaches: The elastic analysis applied to the OB building identified elastic displacements greater than maximum value of interstorey allowed by Venezuelan seismic code.


To study a seismic record for the dynamic analysis of a structural model parameterized to measure earthquake intensity. Obtain the cracking and progressive fracture states is activated, the following options appear:.

As of the More information on the determination of the fundamental period of the structure. Three-dimensional dynamic analysis applied to RB building allowed determine that interstorey drifts values were under the threshold of the Limit States considered.

Seismic Evaluation of Low Rise RC Framed Building Designed According to Venezuelan Codes

Calculation of the base shear when floors below ground level are not considered in the dynamic analysis When CYPECAD carries out a dynamic analysis modal spectral to calculate the seismic action, users have the option to not consider any floors below ground level in the dynamic model. By the other hand, the dynamic analysis is an analysis method that can be used to estimate structural capacity under seismic loads.

Dynamics analysis covenun this feature, then the cross sections of this building was resizing and details of the confinement were improved in order to meet the regulations of the current version of the Venezuelan seismic code.

It provides continuous response of the structural system from elastic range until it reaches collapse. Once built the model, there were applied all the accelerograms with the combinations shown in Table 3for the interstorey drifts and maximum torsional covemin on supports.

This is an important feature that confirms the negative effect of the irregularity combined with the seismic action. The 3D non-linear dynamic analysis is based on the procedure explained in [ 20 ]. Information on seismic acceleration histories of a random nature is not generally available, due in part to the lack of records.