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Ultimate Training Guide, the largest online training database for hockey players of all level! HockeyTraining Off ice training programs/ Shooting and stickhandling programs. • Age specific off ice .. Complete de drill going forward and. SmartHockey Stickhandling Ball Review Complete Shot Hockey Stick Weight Review · Passing Hockey Stick Flex Guide – How to Choose Flex.

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Reply Alex December 7, at Thanks for reading and sharing! Or the guide is like your learning video here, on howtohockey.

This e-book will take you from knowing nothing to knowing basically everything. I have written a guide to stickhandling accompanied with a 30 minute stickhandling training video. My goal is to break every hockey skill down into easy to understand articles and videos.

I’m active on Instagram, Facebook and more, you can follow through the links above. What you get Stickhandling Guide — You get an 18 page e-book that covers comppete you need to know about stickhandling.

Stickhandling Guide — You get an 18 page e-book that covers everything you need to know about stickhandling. Hi my name is Jeremy Rupke.

Complete Guide to Stickhandling

All your tips are so helpful. I just sent you an email with all the info you need. Reply Jeremy May 28, at 6: How to hockey really helped me to improve my game. I include a number of stickhandling drills that they should be able to complete.

Visit the complete guide to stickhandling to learn more and order. After you learn what is possible with stickhandling I show you how you can practice and train to become amazing with the puck.


I include over 20 off-ice stickhandling drills to help you improve every aspect of puck control that I teach in the e-book. Hello Jeremy, my wife ordered the stickhandling guide for my birthday…the money was booked off the credit card via paypal, but we never received the guide!

Reply Jeremy November 11, at Keep up the good work because I love everything you do! May be you can post some examples from guide for example, one drill with text and video for acquaintance? Shipping and discount codes are added at checkout.

stickhandling – Hockey Review HQ

What should we do? In an effort to bring you the most comprehensive and in depth hockey training I have created the complete guide to stickhandling. Check out my stickhandling course!

I am looking to set up something in the garage for my kids this summer and was interested in this guide.

Hockeyhow to dekehow to stickhandleice hockeystickhandling. I also show you exactly how to do every drill that was outlined in the e-book. Sneak Peak Order here Visit the complete guide to stickhandling to learn more and order Share this: I just want to tell you that your stickhandling guide is perfect. I spent the entire summer writing, editing and shooting video for this e-book and training video. If you want to learn more about me you can read my about page.

This will encourage you to keep on practicing and improving and gives you something to look back on and see how much you have improved. I think they will learn a lot from the guide, it will help if you read through it as well so you can remind them of certain points that I teach. Progress tracking sheets — I include a progress tracking sheet with instructions so you can keep track of your improvements.


Thanks for ordering and if you need anything just ask. Reply Jeremy March 20, at By Coach Jeremy on November 4, Leave a reply Cancel reply. Reply Renee May 28, at I have written a number of articles on stickhandling as well as produced quite a few videos but many of the How to Hockey readers wanted a complete guide that shows everything from start to finish.

Complete Guide to Stickhandling

Reply Annabelle November 4, at 1: I explain everything step-by-step to help others improve. Stickhandling Training Video — The training video is over 30 minutes long and explains the concepts discussed in the e-book. We recommend these products to anyone who want’s to practice their hockey skills at home. Every time I thought it was finished I would remember a few more drills, or a few more tips but eventually I think I emptied my brain into this book and training video.

Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Reply Chris March 17, at