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Le Rosaire est une prière universelle, utilisée en presque toutes les langues et dans la plupart des pays. Comment faire adopter cette prière à tout le monde?. Les mystères glorieux constituent la dernière des quatre séries de cinq mystères médités dans la prière catholique du Rosaire. . En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. 7 oct. Il composa lui-même une méthode de réciter le Rosaire, qui est restée la L’ histoire du Rosaire montre comment cette prière a été utilisée.

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Each of these mysteries is a revelation of the Kingdom now present in the very person of Jesus. Christian spirituality is distinguished by the disciple’s commitment to become conformed commment more fully to his Master cf. God communicates himself to us respecting our human nature and its vital rhythms. I turn particularly to you, my dear Brother Bishops, priests and deacons, and to you, pastoral agents in your different ministries: The heavens rejoice, and all the earth ought to stand amazed, when I eeciter, Hail Mary.

Dans la pratique courante du Rosaire, la doxologie trinitaire est suivie d’une oraison jaculatoire, qui varie suivant les circonstances.

Mystères glorieux

Mary’s prophecy here finds its fulfilment: We are thereby enabled to enter naturally into Christ’s life and as it were to share his deepest feelings. When we repeat the name of Jesus — the only name given to us by which we may hope for salvation cf.

Whence, having styled the Mother blessed above all women, we pronounce the Son infinitely more blessed, saying, And blessed is the fruit of thy womb. We would go further and say that the succession of Hail Marys constitutes the warp on which is woven the contemplation of the mysteries.

I therefore proclaim the year from October to October the Year of the Rosary. He it undoubtedly was who first suggested the idea that the devotion of “Our Lady’s Psalter” a eosaire and fifty Hail Marys was instituted or revived by St. See also Malvenda, Annal. We have recourse to the angels and saints to beg their joint intercession for us.

reciter le chapelet : comment prier | Religieux | Pinterest | Religion, Affirmations and Mary

The early constitutions of the different provinces of the order have been examined, and many of them printed, but no one has found any reference to this devotion. Indulgences were granted for the good work that was thus being done and the documents conceding these indulgences accepted and repeated, as was natural in that uncritical age, the historical data which had been inspired by Alan’s writings and which were submitted according to reciteg usual practice by the promoters of the confraternities themselves.


On the morning of Easter hers would be rosaure gaze radiant with the joy of the Resurrection, and finally, on the day of Pentecost, a gaze lw with the outpouring of the Spirit cf. There are some who think that the centrality of the Liturgy, rightly stressed by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, necessarily entails giving lesser importance to the Rosary.

Le Rosaire Vivant

The following praise was given to her in the same words, both by the Archangel Gabriel and St. The archangel addressed it with profound reverence and awe to this incomparable and glorious virgin. In order to reckter a Biblical foundation and greater depth to our meditation, it is helpful to follow the announcement of the mystery with the proclamation of a related Biblical passage, long or short, depending on the circumstances.

Furthermore, without prejudice to the Rosary’s basic structure, there is nothing to stop children and young people from praying it — either within the family or in groups — with appropriate symbolic and practical aids to understanding and appreciation. No other words can ever match the efficacy of the inspired word. The Rosary, a way of assimilating the mystery. As the heart, in the ardour of its affections, easily recitwr far beyond what words can express, so neither is it confined by them in the extent and variety of its acts.

Without this contemplative dimension, it would lose its meaning, as Pope Paul VI clearly pointed out: In contemplating Christ’s face we become open to receiving the mystery of Trinitarian life, experiencing ever anew the love of the Father and delighting in the joy of the Holy Spirit.

In this way it fills with prayer the days of many a contemplative, or keeps company with the sick and the elderly who have abundant time at their disposal. Even more important is the fact that such strings of beads were known throughout the Middle Ages — and in some Continental tongues are known to this day — as “Paternosters”.

Thus we read in the “Ancient Customs of Cluny”, collected by Udalrio inthat when the death of any brother at a distance was announced, every priest was to offer Massand every non-priest was either to say fifty psalms or to repeat fifty times the Paternoster “quicunque sacerdos est cantet missam pro eo, et qui non est sacerdos quinquaginta psalmos aut toties orationem dominicam”, P. Another consideration which cannot be developed is the multitude of conflicting legends concerning the origin of this devotion of “Our Lady’s Psalter” which prevailed down to the end of the fifteenth century, as well as the early diversity of practice in the manner of its recitation.

Novo millennio ineunte, n.

In a society of advanced technology, of mass communications and globalization, everything has become hurried, and the cultural distance between generations is growing ever greater. With God’s help, a pastoral approach to youth which is positive, impassioned and creative — as shown by the World Youth Days! Insegnamenti, I A proposed addition to the traditional pattern. If anger, covetousness, or lust beat on the vessel of your soul, look up on Mary. After listening to the word and focusing on the mystery, it is natural for the mind to be lifted up towards the Father.


The contemplation of Christ has an incomparable model in Mary. Everything begins from him, everything leads towards him, everything, through him, in the Holy Spirit, attains to the Father. He was accustomed to the lustre of the highest heavenly spirits; but was amazed and dazzled at the dignity and spiritual glory of her whom he came to salute Mother of God, whilst the attention of the whole heavenly court was with ravishment fixed upon her.

One thing is clear: In the Ascension, Christ was raised in glory to the right hand of the Father, while Mary herself would be raised to that same glory in the Assumption, enjoying beforehand, by a unique privilege, the destiny reserved for all the just at the resurrection of the dead. La forza combattente, comprensiva di giannizzeri, ammontava a circa To count these accurately there is every reason to believe that already in the eleventh and twelfth centuries a practice had come in of using pebbles, berries, or discs of bone threaded on a string.

Even now, amid the joyful songs of the heavenly Jerusalem, the reasons for her thanksgiving and praise remain unchanged. We need to understand this word in the biblical sense of remembrance zakar as a making present of the works brought about by God in the history of salvation. If, however, the rosary be said as a penitential exercise, the prayer then is: The basis for this power of prayer is the goodness of the Father, but also the mediation of Christ himself cf.

They inspire her maternal concern for the pilgrim Church, in which she continues to relate her personal account of the Gospel. Without in any way diminishing the value of such invocations, it is worthwhile to note that the contemplation of the mysteries could better express their full spiritual fruitfulness if an effort were made to conclude each mystery with a prayer for the fruits specific to that particular mystery.

Rm 13, 14; Ga 3, Perhaps too, there are some who fear that the Rosary is somehow unecumenical because of its distinctly Marian character. The Rosary is also a prayer for peace because of the fruits of charity which it produces.