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Description of cmr frachtbrief ausfullen und drucken Internationale Vereinbarung über Beförderungsverträge auf Straßen (CMR); Güterverkehr. CMR Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) (Geneva, Art. 35 Überprüfungspflichten; Beweiskraft des Frachtbriefs. Forum home · English missing. Internationaler Frachtbrief (CMR). 2 replies. Subject. Internationaler Translation, air mail. Comment. International air mail ???.

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In the case of shipments that involve [ The sender can determine by typing in the consignment note for the amount of the fee agreed upon a special interest in delivery of the consignment in case of loss or damage, and in case of exceeding the agreed delivery date.

When the goods, the carrier shall check: In the application of this Convention the carrier shall, as for its own acts and omissions, for the acts and omissions of its employees and all other persons, whose services he makes use for the performance of carriage, when those employees or persons acting in execution of their duties. The provisions of Article 9 apply to the relations between successive carriers.

File:CMR Frachtbrief für den Internationalen Güterfernverkehr.jpg

After the arrival of goods at the place designated for delivery, the recipient is entitled to require the carrier to deliver the second copy of the receipt of the consignment note and the goods. Liability of the carrier for loss or misuse of the documents mentioned in the consignment and accompanying him or handed to the carrier; However, compensation, which it charged, can not exceed compensation, internatiobal payable in the event of loss of the goods.

Multimodal incorporates these details in the respective transport. Look up in Linguee Cm as a translation of “cmr Frachtbrief” Copy.

The sender is responsible for all costs and damages, sustained by the carrier as a result of inaccuracy or inadequacy of: The carrier shall be relieved of liability, the loss, damage or delay was caused by the fault of the person authorized, its mandate is not under control of the carrier, disadvantage of their own goods or the circumstances, which the carrier could not avoid and the consequences of which could not prevent.

On the back is the text again in three languages. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The sender shall be liable to the carrier for damage to, equipment or other goods, as well as costs, due to defective packing of the goods, unless the defect was apparent or known to the carrier at the time of its adoption, and the carrier has made no reservations concerning.

The procedure in case of sale shall be determined by law or custom of the place, where the goods are situated.


The person entitled may, however, carry proof of, that the damage was not caused wholly or partly to one of these causes. After three years of this Convention, Any Contracting Party may, by notification addressed to the Secretary General of the United Frachtbriff request the convening of the conference, leading to the revision of this Convention. These limitations are aimed at facilitating [ Davon geht eine Kopie an den Warenabsender.

If, by the provisions of paragraph 5 b this article, the carrier can not carry out the instructions, he shall immediately notify fgachtbrief person, from which such instructions. Higher compensation may be claimed only if a declaration of value of goods or a special interest in delivery, accordance with Articles 24 i Claims, which may arise out of carriage under this Convention, lapse after one year. When the carrier establishes, that due to the facts, loss or damage could result from one or more of the grounds specified in Article 17, paragraph 4, there is a presumption, that it was so clear.

File:CMR Frachtbrief für den Internationalen – Wikimedia Commons

Retrieved from ” https: The period of limitation runs from the day, however, or judicial decision, fixing the final amount of compensation payable under the provisions of this Convention, or from the date of actual payment in the absence of such a judgment. If the goods have been delivered to the consignee without collecting credit, which should have been collected under the provisions of the contract of carriage, the carrier must pay the sender for compensation to the amount of credit, preserving the right of recourse to the recipient.

If designed to carry goods to be loaded in different vehicles, or in terms of different types of goods or of separate parts, shipper or carrier is entitled to issue as many bills of lading, how many vehicles should be used, or if the types or batches of goods. If carriage is performed pursuant to a contract by successive road carriers, each of them takes responsibility for the execution of the whole operation, the second carrier and each succeeding carrier becoming a commodity and by adopting a bill of lading party to the contract under the conditions specified in the consignment.

The Secretary General shall invite to any conference, convened in accordance with this Article, all countries referred to in paragraph 1 Article 42, as well as countries, which have become Contracting Parties under paragraph 2 Article Subject to the provisions of Article 40 be null and void any clause, which directly or indirectly derogate from the provisions of this Convention.

The person entitled may, without further evidence, consider the goods as lost, if it is not released within thirty days after the expiry of the agreed deadline, and if the term is not agreed, within sixty days after receipt by the carrier. Recipient, even if he has refused to accept the goods, may always require delivery, until the carrier has not received contrary instructions from the sender.


You can not demand from nationals of contracting countries, having their place of residence or business in one of these trachtbrief, Security for costs of the trial, arising out of carriage under this Convention. The same applies to interrupt the limitation period. In other cases it may also proceed to the sale, if not received in due time to the person entitled instructions to the contrary, performance of which may reasonably be required. We verify your documents and also compile CMR freight documents complying with regulations in Russia which has cme advantages on these routes.

CMR Convention

If the goods have been sold pursuant to this article, the proceeds of sale should be placed at the disposal of the person entitled, any costs imposed on the goods. As soon as we create for you if necessary export documents like export [ The future contract of international carriage of goods by rail is a.

The person entitled to claim interest on compensation payable. Dangerous goods, carrier would not be known as such, in terms of paragraph 1 this article, may be at any time or place, be unloaded, destroyed or rendered harmless by the carrier without compensation; the sender shall be responsible for all costs and damages arising out of their handing over for carriage or of their carriage.

Lack, irregularity or loss of the bill of lading does not affect the existence or the validity of the contract of carriage, which shall remain subject to the provisions of this Convention. If necessary, put it on the second copy, as well as on the receipt reservations similar to those, which are provided in the article 8 paragraph 2.

The period of limitation runs: Proof of receipt of the claim or the reply and the return of the of the documents, that it relies on the fact. If this information has not been placed on the consignment, the sender or the recipient should carry out some other means, knew that the carrier, the danger of the carriage of these goods. Execution and performance of the contract of carriage Article 4.