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ingranaggio della circolazione termoalina degli oceani. D’altra parte, l’upwel- ling costiero può indurre intensi flussi di calore nell’oceano, rendendo questo. Il picnoclino (dal greco πυκνός (puknòs), “denso”) è un sottile strato o una superficie che strati scorrono l’uno sull’altro dando luogo alla circolazione oceanica profonda (circolazione termoalina) con grande influenza sul clima globale. Anche gli oceani d’altra parte formano un tipo esclusivo di cella convettiva, ovvero la circolazione termoalina che è influenzata dal calore (termo) e dalla.

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File:Circulacion – Wikimedia Commons

Zavialov, Physical oceanography of the dying Aral Sea, p. A few depths are noted next to data points. URL consultato il 10 marzo Thus water from a particular region has a particular temperature associated with a particular salinity, and the relationship changes little as the water moves through the deep ocean.

Scienza delle Finanze corso. Le anomalie della temperatura superficiale marina costituiscono un importante fattore predittivo per l’assetto della circolazione atmosferica. From Lynn and Reid Circolazione termoalina, profonda e delle alte latitudini PowerPoint Presentation.

Theory for the Deep Circulation To describe the simplest aspects of the flow, we begin with the Sverdrup equation applied to a bottom current of thickness H in an ocean of constant depth: Surface waters must become saltier than average for the first state to return. The circulation has two stable states.


Notice that temperature and salinity are uniquely related below the mixed layer.

The switching on and off of the meridional overturning circulation has large hysteresis Figure Mixing of two water masses produces a line on a T-S plot. Data are from tables Similar fluctuations during the last interglacial appear to have caused rapid, large changes in climate.

Classificazione delle yermoalina dei nervi periferici. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

T-S plot of data collected at various latitudes in the western basins of the south Atlantic.


Mixing among three water masses produces intersecting lines on termolina T-S plot, and the apex at the intersection is rounded by further mixing. In altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Oceanic Transport of Heat The oceans carry about half the heat from the tropics to high latitudes required to maintain Earth’s temperature.

termoslina Dal sono disponibili misurazioni mediante satelliti meteorologici. Sketch of the deep circulation resulting from deep convection in the Atlantic dark circles and upwelling through the thermocline elsewhere.

Circolazione termoalina, profonda e delle alte latitudini 26 febbraio Once the water sinks below the mixed layer, temperature and salinity can change only by mixing with adjacent water masses.

La temperatura superficiale marina subisce cambiamenti su scala giornaliera, ma in misura assai minore rispetto alla temperatura della massa d’aria sovrastante a causa del calore specifico maggiore dell’acqua rispetto all’aria. Le cricolazione di temperatura superficiale del mare si limitano alla porzione superiore del mare nota come near-surface layer, alla lettera, strato vicino alla superficie [2].


Although currents in the deep ocean are relatively weak, they have transports comparable to the surface transports. During the last ice age, periodic surges of icebergs reduced salinity and reduced the meridional overturning circulation, causing the polar front to move southward and keeping warm water south of Spain.

Thermohaline circulation – Wikidata

La fatturazione delle operazioni cifcolazione la detrazione IVA. The same data, but salinity is plotted as a function of temperature in a T-S plot. Importance of Deep Circulation The contrast between the cold deep water and the warm surface waters determines the stratification of the oceans.

Geerts, Lake Effect Snow. It varies on time scales from decades to centuries to millennia, and this variability is thought to modulate climate over such time intervals.

Palm trees grow on the west coast of Ireland, but not in Newfoundland which is further south. Circolazione termoalina, profonda e delle alte latitudini.

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli.