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The Hortensius was a ‘protreptic’ dialogue written by Cicero. The protreptic was a genre of ancient philosophical literature that aimed to exhort the reader to the. One of the most extensive resources on the internet for the study of early Christianity. “Augustine on how he was influenced by reading Cicero’s Hortensius”. Hortensius or On Philosophy is a lost dialogue written by Marcus Tullius Cicero in the year 45 BC. The work had followed the conventional form of a protreptic.

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Hortensius eventually delivers a speech defending oratory as the greatest of the arts.

Hortensius (Cicero) – Wikipedia

He later wrote in Confessions nortensius it left a lasting impression on him and moved him to embrace philosophy. Aristotle’s Protrepticus and the Sources of its Reconstruction. Indeed, it was a turning point in which his heart was changed profoundly: Through all of the years of spiritual unease “restlessness” up to the time of the conversion of Augustine to the Christian religion, Cicero would remain the one hortwnsius from whom the young African learned the most.

Cicero’s exhortation was the advice ‘not to study one particular sect but to love and seek and pursue and hold fast and strongly embrace wisdom itself, wherever found.

The dialogue—which is named after Cicero’s friendly rival and associate, [nb 1] the speaker and politician Quintus Hortensius Hortalus —took the form of a protreptic. InMichel Ruch produced a fifty-three page thesis covering the influences, the date of composition, and structure of the Hortensiuswhile also examining its later influences and ultimate disappearance.


In addition, the work reorganizes the fragments and provides each one with a French translation and commentary. Retrieved July 14, While the dialogue was extremely popular in the ancient world, [3] the dialogue only survived into the sixth century AD.

Retrieved December 21, Yonge, Charles Duke, ed. Just before composing the HortensiusCicero experienced many hardships. The American Journal of Philology 81 1. The Hortensius was renowned and popular in early and late antiquity[38] and it likely inspired a number of Roman thinkers, like the silver age authors Seneca the Younger and Tacitusthe early Christian writer Lactantiusand the early medieval philosopher Boethius.

Personal life Political career Writings. The Hortensius was modeled on Greek protreptic literature and takes the form of a dialogue. Retrieved from ” https: A History and Reconstruction ] in French. And who endowed with reason would not prefer a state free from the pleasure given us by nature?


However, Augustine stayed with his concubine and continued to be influenced by Manicheanism for the next nine years. While the dialogue was extremely popular in Classical Antiquity, the dialogue only survived into the sixth century AD before it was lost.

Then, the character of Cicero chimes in to prove that philosophy is single-handedly the best of all the aforementioned skills. The work inspired its readers to appreciate a philosophical approach to life. AugustineBoethius[22] Lactantius were influenced hprtensius the work.

As Augustine later realised, the Hortensius taught him “to love wisdom itself, whatever it might be, and to search for it, pursue it, hold it, and embrace it firmly. Personal life Political career Writings.

Retrieved December 21, In it, Plasberg provides a hypothesized order to the fragments, and supplies a Latin introduction and commentary. IIIedited by C. Augustine on Hortensius [37]. Augustine became dicero admirer of Cicero, acknowledging him as “the greatest master of Roman eloquence.


Rabinowitz, argue it simply meant that Cicero wrote hortebsius the general protreptic style. Inthe first standard critical edition of the fragments was the Teubner edition of Cicero Pt. At the age of 19, [25] he read the Hortensius there. Retrieved August 9, It altered my prayers, Lord, to be towards yourself. The discussion quickly becomes one about otium Latin for leisure. Hortensiuw Encyclopedia of Philosophy. This, he contended, was additional proof that Cicero depended upon Aristotle.

Hortensius | work by Cicero |

The German philologist Jakob Bernays was the first scholar to suggest that the Protrepticus inspired Cicero. Today, it is extant in the fragments preserved by the prose writer Martianus Capellathe grammarians Maurus Servius Honoratus and Nonius Marcellusthe early Christian author Lactantiusand the Church Father Augustine of Hippo the latter of whom explicitly credits the Hortensius with encouraging him to cicfro the tenets of philosophy.

Views Read Edit View history. But later, through a love of wisdom in him that was inspired by Cicero, Augustine was attracted back to ficero Christian faith and to baptism by an inner calling that finally he could no longer resist. University of California Press, Inthe first standard critical edition of the fragments was the Teubner edition of Cicero Pt.