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Chorando pra Pixinguinha Ukulele Tab by Toquinho learn how to play chords diagrams. Choro” pair have 14 Pixinguinha tunes total, so there for “Partituras” and you will find them. . Chorando de verdade – Joel Nascimento, Kuarup Discos. Chorando Baixinho – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Partitura de Chorando Baixinho de Pixinguinha para clarinete. Salvar. Chorando Baixinho.

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Ther are also some videos of a group named after this song: Videos of the Groupo Canarinho Teimoso. Callado is said to have used the term “choro” for the first time in history. Atraente is the last piece in the video. The music is used for a dance performace. This is a special composition for the mandolin with many chords and certainly not easy to play.

I think this will be better than my first version – so maybe the Pixiguinha version is interesting for you:. Would be also good for a version for mandolin orchestra.

Songbook Choro – All songs with videos, information and links

Unfortunately there is no information about the name of the bandolim player. Both versions by Choro das Tres are played very fast on a tenor banjo – the sound is 5 notes lower compared to the mandolin. This is one of my favorite choros at the moment. The second video is similar, also with trombone, flute and clarinet. I have not played this spanisch influenced choro yet. The first 30 seconds of this song in two different versions can be found at discosdobrasil.


You can find another recording of Alma Brasileira ion the Homepage of the small mandolin orchestra Spokandolin. I have not found videos with Astor Silva himself at youtube.

For every piece I try to find recordings or videos. Atlantico is one of the well known choros by Ernesto Nazareth.

Chorando Pra Pixinguinha

I have found some other videos with solo-guitar, but no video with a band. A short example can be found at cliquemusic. A short example can be found on Domingo Na Geral. As it is a slower one, it is good to start wih – it is not so difficult. There are 97 choros prs this partifura, and I will nedd some time to complete this, and maybe I will leave out some of the pieces.

Ultimate tabs and chords for guitar

Some information about the composer can be found on the homepage of Ante Schrupp Homepage cyorando Antje Schrupp. Later a cavaquinho and a piano take over the melody.

After a break for some time I have returned to the songbook choro and have dicovered the Chorinho na gafieira, a more slow choro composed by Astor Silva who pixinbuinha a trombone player and popular arranger and producer. Revendo o passado – a composition by Freire Junior – has been played by Baden Powell, and I have found a youtube video of a TV show where he plays this piece.


This seams to be one of the favorites of Picinguinha, there are several version by hin at youtube: This choro is played in a jazzy mood. Flor Amorosa was composed by Joaquim Callado in the 19t, century. The bandolim in this video is played by Rodrigio Lessa, who also playes a nice solo.

Armadinho e Epoca de Ouro.

Choro das Tres – Video 1. I found a video of the pianist Clara Sverne who played Atraent for the th birthday of Chiquinha Gonzaga. Carinhoso is one of the most popular choros in this selection – everybody in Brazil knows this and can sing it.

I have not found a video with the Carioca No. The first choro in this selection by the flutist Altamiro Carrilho.

I have found 3 videos at youtube, including an interesting duo with jazz-guitarists Howard Alden and Michele Ramo. I will collect some interesting videos in my Playlist Se Choranco Perguntar.

Easy to be played, but with tremolo if possible.