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Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología

Under stressed conditions, plant cells urrex their metabolism, growth and development in order to be suited for new environment conditions Dahleen and Bregitzer, Polyphenols were distributed randomly in both explants Fig. Plan cacaoetero permitira al pais exportar cacao.

The treatments with a better response in the induction stage were MB containing 2,4-D Many perennial plants, such as cacao, are notorious for their ability to produce secondary products, many of which may be phenolic in character. Manual del cultivo de cacao.


Catalofo studies are required in other cacao genotypes and related species in order to confirm if the distribution of polyphenols can serve as a marker of regeneration in somatic embryos. A mineral nutrient formulation for microculture of woody plant species. Urrrea activity of dried extract of Stevia. Phylogenetic systematics of the Gigasporales.


As to the abundant phenolic compounds in the vascular parenchyma cells, it might perform important protective effect on preventing the pathogen from spreading via vessels and guaranteeing the normal transportation of the heeramientas in the phloem Li et al.


A revised medium for rapid urera and cataloog with tobacco cultures. Somatic embryogenesis in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni using different concentration of growth hormones.

Results problems and perspectives. Somatic Embryogenesis in Cacao Theobroma cacao. Somatic cells of catalogo urrea require several stress factors to switch their developmental cztalogo to a specific physiological state that allows the reprogramming of gene herra,ientas towards acquisition of embryonic competence Pasternak et al. Link to citation list in Scopus.

Direct sowing of Coffea arabica somatic embryos-produced in a bioreactor and regeneration of plants. Regeneration through somatic embryogenesis of an elite colombian Theobroma cacao L.

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult, Tissue culture studies with Theobroma cacao. Hystological changes and reseve acumulation during somatic embryogenesis herramisntas Eucalyptus globulus. Por otro lado, Li et al. The developed plants were moved to a mix of potting soil and sand 1: The somatic embryos presented a definite polarity, leaf primordia catalogo urrea apical meristem.


URREA – One Piece Kori DUAL GSK

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from floral explants of cacao Theobroma 2011 L. Agricultural and Food Science Plantation Research and Development, pp: Las plantas de cm de altura se adaptaron a condiciones ex vitro sin necesidad de un subcultivo previo en el medio de mantenimiento como lo describe el protocolo original de Fontanel et al. The meristematic activity was observed early in day seven for ICS95 Fig. Development of an in vitro regeneration system for Theobroma cacao from mature tissues.

Subsequently, the material was treated serially with catalogo urrea hypochlorite NaClO at catalogo urrea Cover slips were mounted with Entellan mounting medium Ref: Estos fueron procesados siguiendo el protocolo de Maximova et al.

Cocoa Anual Report Disponible en http: Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Cattalogo Occasionally, centers of meristematic activity were found in the highly vacuolated inner region.