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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Carcinoma mucinoso de mama: Un análisis de casos apareados | Mucinous carcinoma (MC) of the breast is an. The aim of this study is the clinical, mammograp-hic and ecographic review of patients with mucinous breast cancer diagnosed in our hospital in the past year. We present a case of mucinous breast carcinoma in which the only atípica de un tumor mucinoso de mama como microcalcificaciones agrupadas. Radiología .

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Nuclear atypia is mild. Generally, excision biopsy is the appropriate treatment and provides adequate local control. The imaging findings may suggest both subtypes mucinosi MMCs, pure and mixed ones.

Within metastatic disease to the breast, colon cancer metastases are rare. A mixed MCB tends to be more hypoechoic. They are usually indicative of disseminated disease, and the prognosis is poor. Imaging findings in mucin-containing carcinomas of the breast: Because of different patterns of mammogram and ultrasound, both should be performed in all cases of MCB and in some equivocal cases breast MRI is of great value.

Accepted after revision March 7, Mastectomy was selected in view of the lesion’s size. Thus, an intense enhancement in the first two minutes after gadolinium injection, or a type 3 curve washout must raise suspicion of mixed type MMC or, an even rarer pure tumor with high cellularity Mucinous colloid carcinoma Mucinous colloid carcinoma of breast Colloid breast cacinoma Mucinous breast cancer Colloid carcinoma of the breast Mucinous breast carcinoma Colloid breast carcinoma Gelatinous carcinoma of mamw breast.


Given the patient’s previous history of colonic neoplasm, the unusual cytologic findings, and the good health condition of the patient, an incision frozen biopsy was scheduled to rule out metastatic disease to the breast from primary breast carcinoma, in order to choose an adequate surgical procedure. Clin Oncology ; 2: Pure cases may not need axillary staging Ann Surg Oncol ;9: The case presented in this report had an unusual mammographic appearance, due to the presence of microcalcifications.

Breast neoplasm; Mucinous carcinoma; Mammography; Ultrasonography; Magnetic resonance imaging. Such high signal of mycinoso MMCs on T2-weighted images shows direct correlation with the degree of extracellular mucin and has high diagnostic sensitivity, although not pathognomonic, since it is also found in other lesions secondary to necrosis, hemorrhage, edema, myxoid matrix or cystic component Mammographic evaluation of size correlates well with clinical measurements because the metastatic mass does not cause a surrounding desmoplastic reaction in adjacent normal breast 1,2,3,8.

Articles Cases Courses Quiz. The signal intensity is variable on T1-weighted images and with strong signal similar to that of water or vessels on T2-weighted images Figure 3. Metastasis to the breast from colon adenocarcinoma is rare.

These experts are members of the Breastcancer. Sign up for our Email Newsletters. Fine-needle aspiration cytology suggested a metastatic mucosecretor carcinoma of intestinal origin.

Unable to process the form. One year later, the patient showed a retroperitoneal mass, about 4 centimetres in size.

Pathology Outlines – Mucinous / colloid carcinoma

Clusters of tumor cells. On postcontrast images, benign-appearing kinetics with gradual and persistent enhancement is typical and so they can be easily mistaken for a benign lesion.

The present pictorial essay focus on the most typical imaging findings of such specific type of carcinoma and its subtypes, muicnoso findings associated with prognostic prediction. Mucinous carcinoma is less likely to spread to the lymph nodes than other types of breast cancer. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Carcinomma mastectomy is sometimes required when the tumor is bulky, deep-seated or painful.

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The presence of mucin results in a low-density and relatively well-defined lobular mass. Diagnosis and natural history of extramammary tumors metastatic to the breast.

At ultrasound, mucinous carcinomas often display mixed echogenicity with mixed solid and cystic components. Only rarely are they multiple or bilateral lesions 8. At pathological examination, the dominant feature is the presence of mucin within and surrounding cancer cells. MRI features of pure and mixed forms with histopathologic correlation. J Am Coll Surg ; Sonographically, mixed cystic and solid components, distal enhancement, and microlobulated margins are commonly found in mucinous carcinomas.

Frozen biopsy revealed metastasis to the breast from a mucosecretor adenocarcinoma with “signet ring cells” possibly of colonic origin.

We report a new case of metastasis to the breast from an adenocarcinoma of the colon, and review the cases reported in the literature. Grimelius staining an agryophilic silver stain denotes neuroendocrine differentiation.

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A core biopsy specimen usually gives a gelatinous appearance. Posterior acoustic enhancement is common. Solitary breast metastasis from carcinoma of colon.