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Bestselling author Fern Michaels has held millions of readers captive with her unforgettable stories and exotic locales. In this classic romance, a beautiful. Captive Passions (Captives, book 1) by Fern Michaels – book cover, description, publication history. I picked up a copy of Fern Michaels’ Captive Splendors from a used bookstore, and boy was I in for a surprise. I vaguely remember reading her.

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However, if the MC cheats more than once, you’re most likely going to lose me.

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Otherwise, I really enjoyed the book! Sierna fought Regan at every turn, even though she was suppose to be in love with him. The most horrible book I have ever read! The book became a chore for me to read after the heroine was raped over and over again and I just could not enjoy the story anymore after that happened no matter how hard I tried.

The errors are so elementary that a middle school student could point the errors out. It’s dated now because of societal norms, but wow, I loved this heroine. It was a breeze. You see, in the tried-and-true Immense Jump To Conclusion, Sirena believes that Regan is to blame for the pirate rape and Isabel’s fate since the scurves were flying the Dutch flag and Regan is the local rep for the Dutch East India Company.

She’d have had no problem doing to Prince Humperdinck what Westley threatened to do i.

Refresh and try again. Who will be the victor?

Captive Passions: A Novel: Fern Michaels: : Books

It also taught me to look on Goodreads before starting a new book to see if it is in a series. A disgusting book, but if you want to read about rape, abuse, and the degredation of women this book is right up your alley.


It just isn’t my cuppa. As I said, I had to persevere. I read this set about 20 years ago and I remembered that I liked them.

It ruined the whole book for me.

Compared to Savage Surrenderthis one was slightly more plausible in spots, but that bar is pretty low. The book became a chore f I have to confess! But when a band of marauders attacks the vessel, killing her beloved sister, Sirena vows to destroy the man she believes is responsible for the assault.

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Adult Fiction Sailors and pirates [s] 6 34 May 30, I was in the “What was that book called? Historical Romance Suspense Romance. Bad things happen to the heroine, hero is overwhelmingly macho, yet We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

I should have looked at the earlier comments before i read this book. Excellent Read From Amazon I read this book years ago and loved it. Her plan is to marry Regan and be his wife by day and the scourge of Dutch ships by night, donning a kicky little outfit and earning herself the moniker, The Sea Siren. I disliked Sierna as she was so cold and dramatic. Fern Michaels is a very talented writer and I hate to give a bad review, but this book really was depressing.

Yet he stirs her blood as no man has before.

Feb 19, Siobhan rated it it was amazing. So sadly this midhaels a 1 star for me. Would love for her to update it. I love it when I get a germ of an idea and get it down on paper. Though it’s hard to truly believe a lot of things in the story, like the fact that no one puts two and two together to realize that the sea siren is, in fact Sirena, I can understand that this is fiction and can enjoy the story itself. But this is not one of them. She moves pillows from one room to the other and she stops all the clocks in the house at 9: Captive Passions Captives Series.


A Spanish woman is on a voyage with some family members, angry that her holy sister is contracted to become wife of a Dutchman that during this time would be considered going against the competitor in the trade system of goods.

They were the start of my passion for reading. A tad, but I had my big girl panties on and I could take it. This is definitely worth reading but be warned you will not be able to put it down. Jan 07, Razzy Ron — Hoh! There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Captive Passions / Captive Embraces

Account Options Sign in. So obviously he knew! Overview Readers reviews 5 Product Details. One of these items ships sooner than the other. Return to Book Page. Worst Book Ever From Amazon I have never written a review for any book before whether it was good or bad.

Make sure to accept our cookies in order to get the best experience out of this website. Ruthless and impossibly handsome, Regan van der Rhys will stop at nothing to ensure his company’s success in the Spice Islands. It feels great to get lost in the fantasy of the story. The bad luck continues when the ship carrying the two sisters is boarded by pirates flying the Dutch flag and a big ol’ pirate gang rape commences on the two sisters.