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The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has started seizing vessels for violating provisions of the Cabotage Law. “This is the time for the Federal Government to give the necessary support to NIMASA and see to the implementation of the Cabotage Act. of the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, and the Guidelines for its Does the Cabotage Act require a ship to be Nigerian-flagged before it can.

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Jurisdiction over the matters and offence referred to in this Act lie cabotave the Federal High Court. Cabotage Vessel financing Fund. The beneficiaries of the fund shall be Nigerian citizens and shipping companies wholly owned by Nigerians. Savings as to Court Proceedings. Berger under bridge this morning.

Much Ado About Cabotage Act And Its Implementation | ShippingPosition Online

Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Ministers to issue guidelines on waivers.

Repeals and Amendments Date passed by House of Representatives 12 th day of March Cabotage Services In pursuance of the success of Nigeria on maritime reforms, Nigeria made a bold attempt to change the face of maritime business within its coasts when it enacted the Coastal and Inland Shipping Cabotage ActThough designed to restrict foreign participation in Nigeria’s domestic coastal trade, nevertheless a lot of opportunities exist for foreign involvement.

I certify, in accordance with section 2 1 of the Acts Authentication ActCap. The law makers also subjected it to an elaborate public hearing which was attended by stakeholders.


The Minister may in times of economic crisis or national emergency, by order compel vessels registered under this Act, to provide essential services to sustain basic needs of people to fulfil existing multi-lateral agreements. In the performance of his duties under this part, the minister shall take due care and carry out adequate investigation to ascertain the true ownership of vessels and ship owning companies and shall issue guidelines for determination thereof which shall include.

Any vessel registered under this Nigerian Registry at the date of coming into force of this Act and who is over 15 years old shall continue to be eligible for participation in the coastal trade for a period of five years after the commence of this Act provided the vessel possesses a certificate of registry and a certificate of seaworthiness from a recognized classification Authority.

Cabotage Law: NIMASA begins clamp down on non-compliant vessels

I certify that this Bill has been carefully compared by me with the decision reached by the National Assembly and found by me to be true and correct decision of the Houses and is in accordance with the provisions of the Acts Authentication Act Cap.

Archive My Month December Coastal and Inland Shipping Cabotage Act. There lies our pessimism!

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The indigenous operators may have relied on the provisions of section five which made it impossible for niveria ship and foreign ship owners to engage in carriage of petroleum product from one point to another within Nigeria.


Nigeria: Cabotage Law – Nimasa Begins Clamp Down On Non-Compliant Vessels

The Real Obstacle of Winning in Poker? Failure to comply with a requirement etc. Extract from Gazette No. Before the release of the Presidential order, NIMASA came up with a marine notice which stated cagotage we would have zero tolerance for any waiver at all. Citizenship requirement for ship financing.

Restriction of Towage 5. Any person who without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with a requirement made, or direction given, by an enforcement officer under this act commits offence and shall on conviction if it is an individual, be liable to a fine not less than N, This Act was published in.

Order for granting of waiver. This step taken as evidenced in the litigation clearly reveals the level of frustration of indigenes in the maritime operations in Nigeria by their foreign counterpart, as many of them merely operate like prostitutes, as they are often found hanging around the water side or offices where oil lifting contracts are awarded, in search for patronage that can keep them afloat.

Navigation in Inland Waters 7.

Navigation in Inland Waters. Leave this field blank. Where the circumstances described in Ac apply, and the Minister has determined that a waiver be granted, the order for granting the waiver shall be. Vessels with valid Licence. Enforcement Unit and Officers.