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The skulls are indistingaishable fromtk from Hudson Bav. The Arctic occupies the main part of the Ala. Besides these, the following marine Arctic mammals which occur along the coast should be mentioned: Straggling tebraa of the Arctic fox are not infrequently found as far south as the north shore of the Alaska Peninsula, doubtless having followed the pack ice in winter.

NelMon, Nat Hist Coll. Two immature specimens of the marbled godwit were taken by McKay at Ugashik July They were abundant on the tundra’ about Nushagak, and in the latter part of September were collected in large flocks.

The other inclosure is part of tebrra womb of one of the snakes, showing embryos.

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When flushed, they usually rose up against the strong wind that was blowing most of the time and swung around with it, and in a few long sweeps alighted within a short dis- tance. Before it could recover, its neck was wrung. The species undoubtedly breeds throughout tlie timbered region traversed by us. He says their favorite resort on the prairie ranches is in the long Cherokee-rose hedges, which have been grown in many parts of that and adjoining counties as a wind-break in winter for cattle.


Sometimes he slips along a hillside and tries to catch the squirrel by a sudden pounce, but this usually fails.

Full text of “A Biological Reconnaissance of the Base of the Alaska Peninsula”

Until they flew, the scene, in itself extremely impressive, was made doubly so by their presence. Common throughout the timbered region. One was seen giving battle to a pair of ravens at the mouth of the Chulitna River August 8.

A scanty growth of alder and willow is found along s4 me of the streams, which are short, swift, and shallow. Sometimes, when disturbed, they come out for a short while in midwinter. From their accounts, the remains must l e in great quantities.

Hakes Auctions

McKay took bronwsville at Nushagak and liake Aleknagik. They were far exceeded in numbers by the Pacific loon. The Aleuts call Rshaluk. At present Eskimos, Aleuts, and Indians are nnich mixed in the vicinity of the Imse of the penin- sula. No nmrres were seen in this region by our party in September and October.

Tgashik, July 17, November 12, November The tebda peaks innnediately surrounding the head of the lake are possibly of an altitude of 5.

Canachites canadensii osgoodi Bishop. Fleming sawa bright-colored red fox running rapidly along a ridge. Although good-sized vessels are able to enter the bay, navigation is nrownsville. Thev arc from 2, to: Haliseetns leucocephalns alascanns Towns.

Restricted Gallery Art: “Brownsville – Page 17”

McKajat Lake Aleknagik September 2, I offered a variety of articles in exchange for its skin, but all were scornfully rejected. As they drew nearer, we ceased paddling and remained perfectly silent, wrapt in the spectacle, until the swans were so near that their breasts and gracefulh- arched necks could be seen reflected in the glassy water. One of the birds flew while out of range, and at about the same time the other somehow disappeared, although there was but a small patch of grass for concealment.


The canoe was headed toward them while the natives imitated the call.

During a period of warm years they thrive and even bear fruit, but onlv to be killed bv the first hard freeze. Within 30 miles of Nushagak, how- ever, there arc many good-sized clumps of white spruce, the trees averaging about 10 inches in diameter. Scaup ducks, doubtless this species, were seen in small flocks along the Nushagak River September 4 to 9.

The country around the lower end of the lake is very desolate.

Rawson, 3 miles north of Kernille. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: Michael, and fail to show the narrow rostrum of poadramus from the western part of the Alaska Peninsula.