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The Lost Saint by Bree Despain, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Dark Divine. from: $ #1. The Lost Saint. from: $ #2. The Savage Grace. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by Bree Despain. This sequel to The Dark Divine () falls into the classic Twilight patterns: a blank slate of a heroine and a reliance on sexual tension and.

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Unaware of the dark path she is walking, Grace becomes prideful in her new abilities – not realizing that an old enemy has returned and deadly trap is about to be sprung. There were enough twists to keep any listener guessing and the suspense and danger is cranked up several notches in this book.

We keep things hidden from each other to protect one another and fear that the other bre won’t understand or except something. Like I said, this isn’t a criticism about Bree, I do enjoy her style of writing. The characters were brought to life as the emotions flowed freely through her writing.


Blek, that ending just grinds my gears. It has more action, more characters and few old ones returning for their 2 seconds of fame, so to speak. I could understand the motivations of every single character and I had fun predicting the twists and turns the story took. And while sometimes, once I start to read a sequel, it will all come back to me, lot it didn’t happen with this book. And how I want the next book now so that I can find out what happens next! Some say let it out, some urge her to control her dangerous dark side before it consumes her desppain and soul.

Portions of the plot also felt like a mishmash of so many other werewolf and paranormal books I’ve read lately; other than the religion and family aspects, this installment didn’t feel nearly as unique as the first. After all that she has done, Daniel goes and treats Is there some kind of rule that say the second book has to be an emotional roller coaster?


I thought I knew what was going to happen as soon as Talbot arrived, he was the bad guy, he was one of the shadow kings, Daniels father was somehow involved.

Sep 05, Katieb MundieMoms rated it it was amazing Shelves: Daniel was training her and then stops the training for fear she won’t be able to control herself.

Unsure of what is right and what is wrong, Grace does know one thing for sure- she won’t sit around idle while her brother Jude is lost out in the world by himself. Jude calls Grace to warn her and then a series of strange activities starts and then Daniel start ignoring Grace and Grace meat another guy and then Caleb ,Daniel’s father comes back and the story takes a real turn.

Grace Divine made the ultimate sacrifice to cure Daniel Kalbi.

The Lost Saint-book 2 8 70 Jul 02, The Dark Divine 2. Love triangle, girl and boy not communicating, keeping secrets, boy not being around, girl being down right dumb ala cresendo, torment, new moon etc. Heartbreaking and extremely frustrating for the reader! Sep 01, Clarissa rated it it was ok Shelves: Those aren’t your thoughts. What I really liked was that I never had a clue what would happen.

And I simply use of my status comments as my review which feels like re-heating yesterdays dinner somehow, but also fits since the book itself seems to be reheated and rechewed, too: Riveting, Compelling Paranormal Romance Thriller! I liked breee little things thrown in I loved the new characters and I liked learning more about minor characters like Grace’s siblings Charity and Baby James.

Not only does Bree deliver a darker journey for Grace to take, as she learns to control her inner wolf, but she throws in a few twists and des;ain me wanting a whole lot more with her ending.

I love Bree’s writing style and while it was slow at points I knew it was going to go out with a bang. I thought he would redeem himself in the end. And losr I did that, I remembered why I had loved the first book so much. Se il seguito riesce a conquistarmi, termino la serie, altrimenti la abbandono.


Other books in this series. My favorite quote and the best part of the sainf for me was, “That voice you hear-those terrible things that bombard you.

The Lost Saint

Both Grace and Daniel must face the ultimate test in the end. It was the way he said there was no more true Alphas ie Daniel was, but not anymore.

Then him “training her”, ripping off her moonstone and telling her that he “understands her” all fuelled the bad guy belief. July pick 1 per Milly Okay, so I admit when I started reading this I was thinking to myself, ” Here we go again, I’m going to know every twist and turn and have no suprises.

Oh, and lets not forget, there will be a love triangle Not to jump on the “let’s bash paranormal romance by labeling it as a Twilight ripoff” bandwagon, but Thr have to admit, The Lost Saint was exactly the same as New Moon.

Aug 08, Kaysi rated it liked it.

The Lost Saint : Bree Despain :

Enter into the picture the hot new mysterious Talbot. Is he really out to protect his sister or save himself? Then of course, the whole Kaleb thing clicked into place with the challenging thing – even Grace wondered about Kaleb wanting to be Alpha – which means, of course, that he would have to get rid of Daniel. The characters grew up in this book and Grace was challenged in more ways than one. The car accident left Bree with an understanding that life was too short to not do what you absolutely love.