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What if the messiah and the anti-christ fell in love? Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated. Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal. Jove Chambers is the dark romance pen name for USA Today bestselling author, V. J. Chambers. Most of her books were originally published. Breathless By V.J. Chambers – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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What she doesn’t know is that Jason’s secrets are tied up in her town’s secrets. Other books in the series.

Breathless hints at an ominous future for the main characters and I look forward to reading the rest of the Jason and Azazel series. Now to the actual writing.

The second half of the book is a dramatic explosion of action, violence, and shocking revelations. Plus living with a house filled with that many boys would take some of the naivete out of her It drives them closer together, but it also forces them into choices that mark and scar them. As odd as it sounds, it didn’t bother me.

At the end, the story merges the two characters, so-to-speak, and it starts to become about them together, and the alleged power they wield when they are together. Sep 19, Tini Athanasopoulos rated it it was ok. I love paranormal of just about any type but I won’t touch flat-out devil worship with a foot pole.

V.J. Chambers | Punk’s House of Books

Jason on the other hand, is not the typical high school student. Chambers missed the mark in my book. I get that they were trying to rape her and kill Jason, but sheesh! Yes, I believe that things have happened and I believe they still go on today, but I’m not afraid! Azazel is a teenage girl who thinks she has the perfect life, perfect boyfriend, perfect parents and perfect BFF.


Then Jason races into her life. I like finding books like this, ones that push the envelope, don’t follow a set way of being and carve their own path. This Oh, hell no. But, there are reasons for his being wise beyond his years, and you get why he is so serious, street-smart, and reluctant to act like a normal teenager.

The genres this book enco Honestly I want to give this book more than 3 stars because I love the writer’s style and voice. All we know about Azazel at this point is that she’s supposedly the “vessel” meant to bring the demon she is named for to the earth. What she doesn’t know is that Jason’s secrets are entwined with her own town’s secrets.

If you do decide to read, I hope you enjoy! So Azazel takes him home to her laid back parents. Long story short, Jason and Azazel get to know each other and form an attraction which continues to intensify until right before the town’s big reveal I’ll let you guess.

Anti-Christ and Messiah sitting in a tree Azazel and Jason both make compelling romantic leads. But I forgot all about that when hotty mchotterton came over and save the day. Honestly, I don’t know what to think of this book.

Smashwords – Breathless – a book by Jove Chambers

He has told her over and over he does not want to have sex with her. Ok back to this atrocity, Toby and Azazel take this boy back to her house to talk to her parents. That is also important. He is a mystery to her and she feels compelled to help him. He’s a delicious breeathless, a boy who v.j.hambers no problem using his fists to solve arguments or quoting Plato to justify his actions. She fell for him instead.

Nothing really happens except for the occasional sneaking out after curfew to attend parties at farms. I do want to say that this book deals with a skewed view of satanism and secret societies, as I was taken rather by surprise on that. They’re in love with each other. She told me everything without the details that would have the reader connect with the characters, their surroundings, and what is happening to them.


Chambers is talented and knows how to write an engaging story.


I’m sorry, but that was really aggravating. Jun 30, Morgan rated it did not like it. Azazel is bewitching as the center of her offbeat hurricane of a family. Jason finds out his identity is basically a lie, and he v.j.chamber his opportunity to start to live a normal life.

Soon, she will have to choose between protecting Jason and staying loyal to everyone she’s ever trusted.

Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won’t sleep with her. But I was raised in a very sheltered, religious home where things v.j.chambsrs not quite right and I suppose, I had the same attitude.

A town full of Satanists is not a new plot point. But that’s just me Azazel was funny and adventurous, her boyfriend, Toby, was kind of a wuss, and at times a dick, but that was okay because Jason was sweet and f Honestly, I don’t know what to think of this book.

V. J. Chambers

The whole meant-to-be relationship thing took a bit long for Title: I do feel like there are missing aspects to this theme in the book, though. So I checked it out on amazon and saw that the kindle version was free so I decided what the hell.

Now, here’s the thing.