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Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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For more than a generation they have been educated in the extra service that may be expected of the Parker-protected product.

As tests ma] cover a 25 to day period, the accumulation of pieces under observation may be considerable. It also provides a foothold for the paint, which retards flaking and peeling. The pink area shows the development of alkali. Automobile bodies on proceds to Spra-Bonderizing. The matter of rust prevention by phosphate coatings produced by the Parker Processes has been made the subject of scientific bulletins, technical addresses and classroom instruction.

Coatings Corrosion prevention Metalworking. Thomas Industry Update Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Galvanized panel identi- cal with panel at left, ex- ptocess that it was not Bon- derized before applying the bonxerizing.

Bonderized Steel Supplier

Being in many cases continually exposed to the weather and under the necessity of presenting a fine finish appearance for a number of years, Bonderizing provides better finish protection than can be secured in any other way. Patentbonderizingg New York – Metro. The set-up for immersion Bonderizing will ordi- narily include a heated tank for alkali cleaning, a heated tank for clear water rinse, the Bonderizing tank, followed by another hot water rinse and a final hot chromic acid rinse.

Immediately upon receipt of these samples a competent engineer will give jour prob- lem careful study. Go to Navigation Peocess to Content. It is bonderiizng adapted to the needs of the manufacturer whose production requirements are limited.

Alternatively, the Parkerized surface may be painted over with an epoxy or molybdenum finish for added wear resistance and self- lubricating properties. Each installa- tion is engineered to fit the special production requirements of the user. Corrosion of the underlying metal, lack of adhesion of the paint film to the metal, and the durability of the organic paint film itself.

This is a part Of our sales service Your finishing executives are invited to be present When vour samples lrocess processed, to observe how these, as well as other products, are treated W e will arrange comparative durability tests in our labor.


The earliest work on phosphating processes was developed by British inventors William Procees Ross, British patentinand by Thomas Watts Coslett, British patentin This laboratory’ bohderizing also fitted with a paint sprav booth, as well as an electricalK heated, thermostaticall con- trolled, high temperature baking oxen tor drying paini finishes over Parker COatingS, preparat.

It not only provides for better ad- hesion and durability of finishes applied over it, but provides a check on cleaning operations as well. Our materials are supplied at prices and on terms established by us h prices and terms are uniform and without discrimination among all users.

An improved patent application for manganese phosphating based in large part on this bondedizing British iron phosphating process was filed in the US inand issued in to Frank Rupert Granville Richards as U. Parkerizing, the original Parker Process, is improved and modernized to meet today’s in- dustrial conditions.

Quality Certifications ISO So important is this regarded by many manufacturers procrss they devote space in their catalogs, booklets and folders to the item of rust-proof fin- ishes. The Bonderizing Process is not only used more extensively on sheet metal units requiring a type of finish that will provide a high processs of rust resistance and maintain fine appearance over a period of years, but is now so improved as to widen its scope of effectiveness to include hot rolled steel, zinc coated surfaces, and zinc base die castings.

The differ onl in the type I Qdamentally, and for all tical purposes the chemical reaction, eating produced and rust-proofing results are the same.

Parker service does not end with the sale of the proceas and installation of equipment, but follows through as long as the manufacturer makes use of it. The steaming, humid atmosphere of bonderiing kitchen or res- taurant is especially corrosive.

This not only informs the prospective user of Parker Processes, of their merits, but it also informs industrial buyers who purchase fabricated parts for their own output and who require rust-proof fin- ishes on the equipment they purchase.

Recent wide development of zinc alloy and zinc surfaced products, bonderizkng which paint, enamel or lacquer are to be ap- plied, widens the scope of utility of Parker Processes and greatly extends their field of useful service. The Bonderized piece was in good condition at the end of hours, while the one not Bonderized showed defi- nite deterioration at less than hours.


Knowing this, manufacturers bonderiaing chapters or sections in their sales manuals to the merits of their Bonderized finish. While this service is regular routine so far as periodic checking is concerned, it is available at a moment’s notice in case quick assistance is required.

Definition & Meaning Bonderizing

It is now used in the mass production finishing systems of most of the Leaders in the manufacture of steel windows, also by makers of air conditioning equipment, medicine cabinets, switch and meter boxes, window screens, elevator cabs, steel partitions, as well as galvanized sheets, from which eare troughs, doors and display racks are made.

The result obtained by Bonderizing is a chemical conversion of the metallic surface to a non-metallic Photomicrograph of a piece of plain, polished sheet steel. More than that, should the paint film be scratched or dented so that bare metal is exposed, the Bon- derite coating retards the spread of rust and the development of alkali through electro-chemical ac- tivity around the injury.

Locations Served California – South. The Parker technical stall not onlj recommends the type of installation best Mined to the manufacturer’s requirements, mil designs and suppl.

Finish is the first procews the prospective buyer sees and the way it lasts and maintains fine appearance and adequate protection is vital.

These associated procwss companies are prepared chemicals for the development of the rust-proofing so the manufacturer who may not want to install equip All of them are prepared to furnish a technical ad the Parker Processes: Manganese phosphating, even with these process improvements, still required the use of expensive and difficult-to-obtain manganese compounds.

Manganese phosphating produces a medium- to dark-gray or black finish.

Producers have found that prospective buyers are impressed with this added quality and take special pains to see that they are informed of this unseen value. The process involves submerging the metal part into a phosphoric acid solution whose key ingredient is often zinc or manganesewith varying additional amounts of nitrateschloratesand copper.

Negotiations will move faster, and a more con- clusive opinion can be furnished if samples of your unfinished production can be sent to us for demon- stration purposes.

All Parker chemicals are packed in strong, non- returnable barrels. Request Info Compare Suppliers.