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Black Spring. By Alison Croggon. A fantasy reworking of Wuthering Heights which interweaves wizard lore and vendetta with Emily Bronte’s. Inspired by the gothic classic Wuthering Heights, this stunning new fantasy from the author of the Books of Pellinor is a fiercely romantic tale of betrayal. Black Spring. author: Alison Croggon. In a savage land sustained by wizardry and ruled by vendetta, Lina is the enchanting but willful daughter of a village lord.

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She will never be the normal, docile wife that her husband wants, she will never love anything or anyone but her mirror self. These men together decide the law of the land, and oversee the uniquely-northern phenomenon aliso vendetta:. Lina’s only real crime was to be born a woman, with powers and instincts that were thought to be proper to belong only to a man.

I can’t say I aliso it or even really liked it, since I usually don’t enjoy books that are so depressing and hopeless all the way through. I wanted to wring Lina’s spoiled little neck half the time, but the story itself was quite good–and would Read more: Damek is the little boy we watch become a man. Finding out that Ms. croghon

The Story of my Book: Black Spring by Alison Croggon

Blck wanted Cathy to suffer, so he enacted this conspiracy to lure Cathy Jr. I just like to ramble on about books when I have something to say about them. The setting had all of the wildness of the Yorkshire moors, but author Croggon added some interesting supernatural elements. This is one of the most depressing and angst ridden sprnig I have ever read. Any man killed must be avenged within a precise time period by a specific male relative, and then that killing must be avenged in kind, and so on.

There is more conscious feminism at work in this retelling, and we understand Lina’s frustrations and sufferings so much better. Damek sucks, and that’s after comparing him to fucking Heathcliff. The image blaci does not do the cover justice — in reality the eyes are a glossy lilac, providing a fittingly eery feel to the text.


Black Spring by Alison Croggon

Heathcliff left Cathy with her brother, in her childhood home, with Nelly, where she was acting like she was too good to be with him. Then that murder has to be avenged, so the original murderer’s male relative kills the other guy. It reminded me of Wuthering Heights: As she develops into a woman, the changes she feels are like those of the characters in Wuthering Heights, for she is falling from Hell to a Heaven when she meets Damek.

By submitting a review you grant us the right to display and use hlack in any way; please read our General Legal Notices for full details. Or maybe it began when I first read Wuthering Heights in my early 20s, and thought idly: I picked up Black Spring, knowing absolutely nothing about it other than it was by an Aussie author and had a vaguely interesting premise about a girl born sspring ‘witch eyes’.

Book Review : Black Spring by Alison Croggon.

And, of course, my likeness for Anna trumps my annoyance at her at: It managed to retell the story of Bronte’s Wuthering Heights in a way that was unique and strong enough to stand on it’s own. So this is an overwhelming structural error, but now I need to talk about my precious Wuthering Heights Tw: In this case, the servant is Anna — who has grown up with Lina, was first a “milk sister” with her, and later her companion.

As for the vendetta element, it is completely useless. That said, Anna was lovely. It’s a shame, because Croggon is a wonderful writer and the bit of her world she builds is fascinating.

Book Review: Black Spring by Alison Croggon « Read Alert | State Library of Victoria

I hate to compare, but Black Spring just did not come even come close. All in all, I wasn’t impressed… Lina was the only interesting character, the worldbuilding was weird, and the romance on Damek’s part aliaon believable. Very Victorian gothic feel, and I enjoyed the darker aspect of this story.


Which, I guess is not a bad thing in and of itself. I didn’t care for Lina or Damek and nobody else in the story lept out at me.

Notify me of new comments via email. Just a warning to fans of the Pellinor series, this will not be even soring close if you are looking for something in the same genre. Twitter Instagram Pinterest Email Allison. Alison Croggon is the award winning author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Books of Pellinor. Your curiosity as to just what the hell is happening never really ceases until the very end. Write your own review First name: The endin This book scared me so deeply I put the book downwards so I couldn’t see the face of the witch on the cover.

I like the idea of the plot following Wuthering Heights. However, the book is dragged down by being chained to the Wuthering Heights plot, wearily re-treading the same crogfon even when they contradict established character traits or at the expense of potentially far more interesting developments.

Croggon pulled a sprimg on her writing style and while it took me a while to adjust she pulled it off well. It is here that the story truly begins. Take for example the idea of the Vendetta. Allowing me to build my own conclusions and answers without relying on what the author wants me to believe.

Jun 23, Kyleigh rated it liked it.

Sometimes, that means that they are. So supplanted between aliaon reimagining of scenes you feel comfortable in and then it flushes in information that frankly seems like it belongs in another book.

Also, a wizard or two.