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explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow and to make the appropriate settings for workflow processing. learn how to find and. This SAP Workflow (BIT) course prepares participants to explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow. Introduction based on BIT Patric Beuthen SAP Consulting. Workflow Architecture Workflow Organization Business Workplace Workflow Monitoring Workflow.

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The search help evaluates Customizing. Step Approve vacation request The step can end with the result approved or rejected.

SAP Workflow – Build and Use

Components of a Workflow Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: An asynchronous method must supply the end notification using an event. Container operations are necessary, for example, if you want to execute a secondary method in addition to the main method. The workflow container variables are available throughout the workflow runtime. From here, you can double-click to transfer tasks to the workflow definition. The number of these agents can husiness restricted in the workflow step that uses the task.

This unit describes the different ways in which users can be restricted, and explains the definition of rules with responsibilites. Arrange the windows so you can see both at the same time.

Object types and their components are each assigned one of four statuses: Create an event that will be triggered as soon as changes are made to a material.

The import indicator is located on the Attributes tab page.

The system adds another branch to the processing chain for each possible outcome. Employees are not assigned directly to. Go back to the first session and choose the Test icon in the Workflow Builder. You also want to group together tasks of a group into task groups. In the second step, the material master is shown to all those responsible for material group If you want to extend a standard object type, you need to create a for this object type.


Positions are created after the corresponding jobs have been created in the job index. Existing start transactions are displayed on the Start Forms tab in the basic data of the Workflow Builder. If you have problems executing the work item, use “Refresh” in the inbox of your organizational environment. Her or his telephone is now connected to the customer and the customer busimess is displayed on wkrkflow or his screen.

This method is selected if no further specifications are made when an object of this object type is accessed. The key fields of the super type and subtype must be identical. Create an instance for the material T-BBD. In the Create Busjness dialog box, answer the question Create with function module as template?

The e-mail text is formed from the description text for the underlying task of the work item. The system displays a dialog box Create Container Element. While the basic data of the workflow represents the external relationship triggering events, for examplethe workflow definition describes a business scenario as a sequence of linked steps.

Introduction BIT Solution 2: This means that an expression is assigned to the container element or the container element is assigned to an expression. It should only be used if you are sure that positions are used to determine the agent in all workflows used throughout the system. The binding of the event for the workflow container is available, for example, under the Start event tab in the basic data of the Workflow Builder.


Workflows are generally started by events. Business Objects and Business Object Repository This means that each member of the project would always have access to the objects already generated.

Example workflow for this course Figure Depending on their type, all steps and events have certain symbols in the graphical display. The relevant value is transferred to the workflow in a special attribute. Create a task group for administration your standard tasks and workflow templates. There are no possible agents for this task and no agents are selected in the workflow step.

BIT – SAP Workflow – Build and Use | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

Set the Confirm end of processing indicator in the task definition. Operations in the individual steps always affect the whole block, that is, you can only delete, cut, and paste in blocks.

Press Continue to confirm the displayed screen. Workflow Definition in the Workflow Builder BIT Existing workflow tasks can still be executed, but they are no longer being further developed for more information, see SAPnote Test and enhance the material master business object type BUS Customer-defined templates start with the prefix number that was defined in Customizing for the system and client.

The process is then triggered if a user creates a vacation busineess using a special transaction. Containers and Interfaces in Workflow As shown in the graphic, the tasks in a task group also inherit the characteristics of the task group highest in the hierarchy.