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Sample some of the best delicacies in Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown located in the Philippines, and see landmarks like Plaza Calderon dela Barca. The Binondo Food Wok: A food tour through Chinatown, Manila. If you want to sample the best, then The Big Binondo Food Wok is for you. It has all the details of the tour along with a map of Chinatown.

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I will go back to Binondo for these dumplings!

Binondo Chinatown Fun Food Tour – The Big Binondo Food Wok!

The Budget Guide there is also handy. It has a strong umami, sweet and salty flavor. Hi guys, Just wanted to know where Shin Din Ka binonco Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Next Article Lakbay Norte Day 1: I remember my first trip to Binondo the one that I can remember anyway. Anyways thanks for expressing your opinion. Tell us what your favorite restaurant is in Binondo and what you always order!


I will visit Binondo to celebrate the Chinese new year. We curated this food walk searching for your money’s worth yummy mid-range eateries and family owned businesses that are celebrated in Binondo. Hopia is a popular bean filled pastry that originated from Fujianese immigrants.

We would really appreciate it if you could grant us an interview even over binond phone or through email would be great if you are too busy.

First food stop coming up!! We recommend this restaurant to health enthusiast and vegetarians alike. Monday, 25 January at We paid for our meals during our Binondo Food Crawl. The clams were okay, nothing fancy, just straightforward cooking. Stir Fried Beef Noodles Bknondo Siopao is a popular go-to snack in the Philippines. The most wko variety is the flaky hopiang mongo made from mung bean paste. The snippets of descriptions from the listed establishments do help. Definitely a wok for your stomach and your soul.

Wednesday, 3 February at October 23, at 1: And setting the church as a meeting place is so not ideal.

If you’re looking for that old fashioned hopia taste look no further than Holand Hopia. Say Chinatown and one of the first things that comes to mind is the chow. March 12, at We wished we have chosen each shell carefully as some of them were empty.


June 14, at 2: Take home some of their yummy chicken pie filled with cream, mushroom, and chicken. We were served a plate with 9 pairs of rectangular pieces of fried beancurd with ground meat patty sandwiched in between each pair.

You can also park in the empty parking lot with no name located on the right side of the street of Binondo Church coming from Jones Bridge. I love the kuchay dumplings in Dong Bei.

Old Manila Walks – Binondo Tour

I love the fried dumplings at Dong Bei. And so concludes our Binondo food trip.

So we decided to take a vote and see where our tummies lead us.