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I recall bbike the day they changed their name it was as plain as the mail-order catalog I got fromand discussing it with my cousin, who thought the new name sounded dumb.

This is critical in the north. If you go ctalog say, Colorado Cyclist’s website, they sell Record shifters for a price which is actually pretty close to the cost an LBS would pay from their distributors.

They hire 16 year old kids to work in their service department, and it shows. I’m a bike mechanic. They spam their customers and — adding insult to injury — compromise customers’ personal data.

This stuff is difficult to do journalism on so I’ll leave that in the air and have readers help me out here. The old couple who comes in every month for 5 years to buy tubes for their comfort bikes give more money to the shop than the bike racers do.

Bikes & Frames – Bike Nashbar

I was aghast and advised my buddy to walk out. The margins in the bike business are rather tight. Bike Nashbar Bicycle parts on sale at Bike Nashbar. They want the best deal and have little shop loyalty.

Welcome to Bike Nashbar

They put a lot of emphasis on doing well in this area, hence came the need to motivate employees, getting as much business as possible, moving stuff out the door etc The Collector’s Choice Music catalog has music from every era and genre in every format – every era, every genre, everything!


Online purchase leaves something to be desired. And do you think that percentage can account for low labor costs in any way?

His son took his own decisions at a young age, and almost came to a brilliant decision to shut down the software end of the business, something that a lot of their customers were upset about. They just entered the Some portions of this post are on the speculative side due to scarcity of information.

Since you said it anyway, how much is the markup on hard goods in your shop after you get it from distributors or wholesalers. The shops offered service, repair and discount services.

I read every single comment. Nashbar is favorable to many because of their fast shipping and handling. They nab manufacturers’ closeouts, OEM’s or slow-selling models of better brands and stamp their own brand names on imports. Electrically power assisted cycles BS EN The BSNY comment was awesome.

We have to remember that the bike it self takes at least mins to assemble,adjust and test before selling. And its interesting to learn the markup differences in big ticket vs smaller items.


Vuelta Starlite 26″ Mountain Wheelset. You give back things you that didn’t fit you, or you didn’t want, and that later sells again for a much lower margin to someone else! Although I know nothing about the inside workings of the bicycle industry, I suspect that retail will always be retail, and that it is more or less like the industry I am in. I like Red color bike. Finally, there is the Supergo deal itself.


Sometime in that age, they also began a used bikes advertising tabloid called Cycle Seller, repositioned brands,broke into the overseas markets and pretty soon called on programmers to open an e-commerce venture of the business, which is now famously your www. So finally we now have Nashbar, having multiple locations in the United States and a thriving website. A mail order outfit isn’t gonna come out to your house to install a crown race for you.

My experience has been that most of their stuff is nasnbar the lower end of the quality scale and I can usually get just as good a deal on equipment through my team’s shop.

Whatever the story, ten years later, the company was grossing six million plus.

Canari Optimo 2 In 1 Jacket. The bike had to be looked over by the head mechanic, so we left it there. Now, that sounds like a lot, but generally naahbar, a mountaineering store, or a running store will have a lot of money in overhead, wages, utilities, cahalog, etc.

As long as you become a better cyclist, I guess it doesn’t matter how much you spend or where you spend it. Its almost like they don’t want to take a risk with bigger products so they can move them out the door, while they think people would always want smaller items so they’ll buy them anyway, hence they won’t mind the unseen “markup”.

If the nashvar works anything like other fields, here is what really happens.