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Documents Similar To After the Man. Uploaded by Uploaded by. DirkTheDaring Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials. Expedition by Wayne Barlowe – book cover, description, publication history. Results 1 – 20 of 20 EXPEDITION by BARLOWE, WAYNE DOUGLAS and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Writing and illustrating a book about alien animals can be a tight-rope act. Expedition is a science fiction and speculative fiction book by artist-author Wayne Douglas Barlowe. Personally I don’t expedtiion I’d really want to buy a sci-fi books about horses, turtles and big fish just on an alien planet, would you?

Their fingers are much more thinner and lack fingernails or claws. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Faster and more barliwe, the Rayback can out sprint the Arrowtongue and, as a result, can tackle prey such as low-feeding flyers, young herd animals or ambushed Gyrosprinters.

Since that, the entire Darwinian system has been deemed a preserved area by the Yma and is under constant monitoring from their robotic probes. Bearing a huge, curved nasal-lance, they are almost playful in their methods of dispatching prey tossing their victims in mid-air from one to another until it is completely drained of fluids. Voyage to Darwin IV. Their two eyes are relatively separate from one other, each possessing a dark pupil surrounded by an amber iris.

The sole glimpse about the Yma’s appearence is a single picture of their upper half by Barlowe. The weird region around the Amoebic Sea bzrlowe to me to be the perfect place to push the envelope in terms of designing stranger creatures.


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The Yma are a sapient extraterrestrial civilization characterized by a strong sense of conservationism and protection towards alien ecologies. Physical motifs, like the broad curves on the Groveback, were used repeatedly throughout the book to convey a sense of shared evolution the planet. A mostly solitary hunter, the arrival of its dark form upon the plains presages a short and furious pursuit almost experition ending in the death of some hapless Thornback, Prismalope or Littoralope.

Anyone subbed to this reddit needs to read this book : NoMansSkyTheGame

Ad Nauseam Please refrain from posting topics that have been vigorously discussed in the past. Biology Edit The sole glimpse about the Yma’s appearence is a single picture of their upper half by Barlowe. Even the feared Arrowtongues are vulnerable to its swooping attacks. Also, when I began to conceive the Sac-back, I was nearing the end of my personal design odyssey and wanted to make sure that I had enough really odd creatures in the book.

Voyage to Darwin IV”, it is written as though published in the yearfive years after Barlowe’s participation in a expeeition to an alien planet, dubbed Darwin IV in honor of Charles Darwin.

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This is, perhaps, the signature painting and animal from the book, a painting that seems to appeal to the public. Do not use without permission. It was a future manual describing Earth’s colonies and the expeddition in charge of immigration.

Hard covers are always awesome though, if you don’t mind it being 15 dollars more. After all, I was the son of two natural history illustrators. How dare you try and make me READ something! Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials is essential too. He does photos, sketches, etc.

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The notion that what we were witnessing on Darwin IV was the evolutionary equivalent to the late Cretaceous era on our own planet was never far from my mind. I experition the soft cover which is fine for me.

Physical copies look great, though it’s out of print, and starting to acquire ‘collectible’ prices for remaining copies. Little else has been revealed about the Yma other than that their technology includes faster-than-light travel and their language is made out of whistles and harmonics, with rapid clicking sounds as their form of laughter. This is a rather expensive book on Amazon.