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What is a bareboat charter? Barecon , , , . pursue the claim against the time charterers or other third party such as a shipper of. BIMCO has recently published its new BARECON following a review of its predecessor . accordance with the terms of this Charter Party”. The phrase “in. Barecon. Charterparty. Contract. for. Newbuildings. and. Hire. Purchase. Agreements. Introduction This chapter continues and concludes the analysis of the.

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BARECON had prescribed that, in the event of any structural changes or new equipment becoming necessary for the continued operation of the vessel by reason of new Class requirements or by compulsory legislation, the chartdr of compliance would if above a certain level be shared between the parties in such a way as to achieve “a reasonable distribution” of the cost between them, bearing in mind the length of the period remaining under the charter period. If the Charterer is in material breach of any of its obligations under the MoA.

The Charterers further agree to fasten to the Vessel in a conspicuous place and to keep so fastened during the Charter Period a notice reading as follows:. Lien The Owners to have a lien upon all cargoes directly owned by Chartererssub-hires and sub-freights belonging or due to the Charterers or any sub-charterers and any Bill of Lading freight for all claims under this Charter, and the Charterers to have a lien on the Vessel for all moneys paid in advance and not earned.

Non-Lien The Charterers will not suffer, nor permit to be continued, any lien or encumbrance incurred by them or their agents, which might barfcon priority over the title and interest of the Owners in the Vessel.

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This Charter shall be deemed to be terminated if the Vessel becomes a total loss or is declared as a constructive or compromised or arranged total loss. Transfer of the Vessel. In the event the sums paid by the Charterers under this Clause are covered by the insurances of the Vessel and payable by the insurers to the Owners, same shall be reimbursed from the Owners to the Charterers upon receipt of the relevant insurance proceeds.

The Owners shall bear all expenses of the On hire Survey including loss of time, if any, and t The Charterers shall bear all expenses of the Off-hire Survey including loss of time, if any. Inspection The Owners shall have the right at any time after giving reasonable notice to the Charterers, and without interfering with the operation of the Vesselto inspect or survey the Vessel or instruct a duly authorised surveyor to carry out such survey on their behalf: Frequency of dry-docking Cl.


A key characteristic of a bareboat charter relates to the condition of the vessel at delivery.

The Charterers shall be bound to accept such sums as the Owners are reasonably able to recover under this Clause and shall make no further claim on the Owners for the difference between the amount s so recovered and the actual expenditure on repairs, replacement or remedying defects or for any loss of time incurred. The costs and fees for such inspection or survey shall be paid by the Charterers; and.

The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the London Maritime Arbitrators Association LMAA Chartrr current at the time when the arbitration proceedings are commenced. Such approval not to be unreasonably withheld. This provides the parties with different options as to how any liquidated damages payable by the yard under the building contract are to be apportioned between the parties.

Currency and method of payment Cl. Payment of hire A key obligation for the charterer is the payment of hire. If the Vessel is on long term more than 12 chaeter time charter to others, the Owners will receive assignment of the time charter and the time charter earnings. The Owners and the Charterers shall appoint surveyors for the purpose of determining and agreeing in writing the condition of the Vessel at the time of redelivery. Charter period Rather than catering only for a single fixed charter period, BARECON envisages the parties agreeing an extra period on top, exercisable at the charterers’ option.

Either party may advise the Tribunal that they have agreed to mediation.

In the event of any modification made to the pre-printed text of this document which is not clearly visible, the text of the original BIMCO approved document shall apply. Any garecon or deletion to the form must be clearly visible.

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The charter party was last updated in and was due for a throughout review and update to ascertain that it keeps pace with modern commercial developments, as well as legal developments.

This obligation shall apply whether or not such requirements have been lawfully imposed by such government or division or authority thereof. The owners and the bareboat charterers were co-insureds under a policy, and it was held by the Supreme Chater that the bareboat charterers had no liability to the owners in circumstances where the insurance covered the claim. The Charterers shall also bear all loss of time spent in connection with any docking and undocking as well as repairs, which shall be paid at the rate of hire per day or pro rata.


Insurance hull and machinery and war risks state value acc. The Charterers and the Owners, respectively, shall at the time of delivery and redelivery take over and pay for all bunkers, lubricating oil, unbroached provisions, paints, ropes and other consumable stores excluding spare parts in the said Vessel at dharter then current market prices at the ports of delivery and redelivery, respectively.

BARECON 2017: Aligning an industry standard to reflect commercial and legal developments

Hire a The Charterers shall pay hire due to the Owners punctually in accordance with the terms of this Charter in respect of which time shall be of the essence. This new regime acknowledges that it is increasingly common for owners and charterers to agree to underwater inspections as part of the surveys on delivery and redelivery.

The optional periods to be declared latest nine 9 months prior to the commencement of bxrecon optional period. The intention, therefore, is to leave open to the insurers an avenue of recovery against third parties such as time charterers from whom the bareboat charterers may have a valid claim in respect of a loss. The Charterers further agree to fasten to the Vessel in a conspicuous place and to keep so fastened during the Charter Period a notice reading as follows: The arbitration procedure shall continue during the conduct of the mediation but the Tribunal may take the mediation timetable into account when setting the timetable for steps in the arbitration.

If the insurance pays out on the owners’ loss, such payment “shall be treated as satisfaction but not exclusion or discharge of the Charterers’ liability towards the Owners”. A new sentence has been added to the previous sub-clause 19 a ; [9] stating that the bareboat charterers dharter liable to the owners by way of damages if the ship becomes a total loss.