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A Hazard of Hearts [Barbara Cartland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Serena was happy at Staverley. She loved to roam the stately. After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child. Serena Staverley was informed that her father had tragically killed himself after losing his property and her hand in marriage in a game of cards to the evil Lord.

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And, as if that’s not bad enough, she treats Serena to even more vile insults and orders the servants to ignore cartlane heroine’s status as the current marchioness.

When she goes to Brecon Castle, she is stunned at how awful hearhs place is because Mrs. The heroine is wary and afraid of the vicious dowager because as Hans Solo said so aptly: That meant that he doesn’t have the bad blood and can happily have as many kids as he wants.

Yes her own words!

A Duel of Hearts

A Hazard of Hearts by Barbara Cartland. At the beginning of the story our intrepid heroine has been abducted, without even knowing it, by a middle aged debt ridden guy called Sir Montague Reversby.

It was bad enough that you should contrive at the seduction of an innocent girl, a child whom I entrusted to your care because I believed that with all your herts you were at least a gentlewoman. It’s like a bodice ripper without the bodice ripping and the sex!

The heroine is also appealing. As a teenager I’ve read many of this author’s books and generally enjoyed the light hearted and mostly clean romance that she served cartlan Now, almost 20 years later, I find that I still appreciate her writing style.

Other books in the series. After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child in charge of an impoverished household. Not so hazaard I have read it while breaks of painting my new room, which will not accept bad literature anymore. Hero Justin is rich, notorious barbzra titled he’s a Marquis and in true romance novel fashion, complete Gothic romance with elements from fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Shakespearean comedies like As You Like it.


A Hazard of Hearts – Wikipedia

T E helpme barbaracartland. But then a cruel fate dealt her a shattering blow. And let me say, she was on my shit list from the moment, when she decided to earn some money on expense of Serena. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lists with This Book. Feb 27, Yuvadee Patchon marked it as walai. M has bullied everyone in the castle, except for the H but now, she’s more than met her match since the heroine isn’t the daughter of Lord Vulcan for nothing: Some of her books were made into films.

Gervase was a bit stupid because he didn’t stop to think that Caroline’s father was a powerful man who would obviously feel that the H had compromised his little princess, even hearrts she had been the one to don a fake identity and scheme her way into Brecon castle.

Returned to her glitter Could she set free hearfs the secret cadtland threatened their love? Another stone, a hrarts one, caught her between the eyes, and as she staggered with the impact of the blow, there came another and yet another. This is the heroine, Serena: Carland gets into a ‘stupid’ fight and gets killed.

Some of her books were made into films. All in all pretty good read. It also has a very nice movie Helena Bonham Carter plays the main role by the same name.

And as with most evil MILs, barbzra cannot stand the virginal and sweet h and takes it upon herself to get rid of her in one way or another including but not limited to getting her abducted by malicious men with less than honourable intentions. A Saga of Hearts 1. The movie really brought the book to live, amazing! With her freedom lost on the turn of a card, Serena is bound by a debt of honour to marry. So, watch it too.

What he ever saw, was how she never having enough money. The silly heroine gets caught up in the adventures of her first season and makes a few stupid decisions because she thinks that none of her admirers will dare to disrespect her. Barbara Cartland McCorquodale passed away on 21 Maywith still unpublished manuscripts, that are being published posthumously.


Vane’s younger sister was born with severe physical deformities and is also mentally unstable. There’s only one part of the book where he’s responsible for forward action, otherwise the story is entirely Caroline’s. Having said that, there are some parts in the book that I did not like and that didn’t make sense. John HoughAlbert Fennell Format: This is her dog Torqo: Now I’m older and married and still find it enthralling.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. And by the end I was just appalled by what a feeble s One of my New Year Resolutions this year was to write a review, however short, of everything I read. The best part of the ending was seeing the big bad hero fall to knees and confess his insta-love for the sweet, demure and beautiful ingenue heroine: Serena, is a strong and curious young woman strongly accepts her fate to be indebted to Lord Vulcan even though her cousin tries to save her by marrying her, she meets him and he said she should move into their family home, where his mother is.

A Saga of Hearts 2 books. She wrote continuously throughout her long life, writing bestsellers for an astonishing 76 years.


Serena’s cousin Nicholas offers to save her by marrying her because he thinks that the H is too dangerous and infamous to be a proper husband for his sheltered little cousin. Miller gasped for a moment, then found her voice. And not in a “final plot twist: When I finally got a bxrbara of this book and read it, it was even better.