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This set of exemplars illustrates the use of the e-asTTle marking rubric to score writing across the writing prompts. The exemplars cover the full scoring range. asTTle Writing Rubric in Student Speak. Created by Clevedon School from asTTle Writing Rubrics. Last updated: Ideas. Learning Intention. The e asTTle framework for assessing writing. Developing the prompts, marking rubric, and annotated exemplars. Extending the usefulness.

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You will be asked to select a purpose, and then a prompt, when you create an e-asTTle writing test. Home Teacher resources Marking resources for e-asTTle writing. Figure 1 below shows the distribution of e-asTTle Writing scale scores from all the scripts marked matrox moderated at each level during the trial of e-asTTle writing. Teachers can find many resources to assist them with writingg e-asTTle writing.

Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: Some prompts will suit older students because they cover topics relating to matriz wider world. Imprecision also needs to be taken into account when considering the curriculum level descriptor.

If they do so, consideration of the following will facilitate accurate use:. If you have a question you would like added, please email us here. No scores should be entered after Wednesday April 18, Yes, teachers should make sure students understand the prompt fully. Generic exemplars are referenced in the marking rubric, with two exemplars linked to each scoring category within each element.

They are provided from across a range of prompts. Home Contact e-asTTle Disclaimer. Introduction In this module you will: One purpose is to show progress over time and matirx could be done in a variety of ways. This would include general vocabulary and topic-specific vocabulary. All prompts have been put together in the document below to assist teachers in choosing a prompt appropriate to their needs.


Marking resources for e-asTTle writing (revised)

Ongoing moderation of scoring decisions is necessary to ensure that scoring is consistent and accurate over time. The conversion table should be used only when a non-standardised form of writing assessment is undertaken.

You will probably notice that students show aspects across more than one stage. Evaluation Associates works on a wide range of projects in collaboration with clients and partners. More Current and recent projects Evaluation Associates works on a wide range of projects in collaboration with clients and partners.

Writing: Moderation and things to consider | e-asTTle Help

You may also like: The Structure and Language notes are specific to a prompt. Teachers can consider this as one piece of evidence when making an overall teacher judgment. All information will be posted on e-asttle. Teachers are encouraged to use the rubric to assess writing other than that generated by the e-asTTle writing prompts.

The range of scores is within curriculum level expectations although increasingly fewer students in Years 7 to 10 performed at or above the curriculum levels expected for their year levels.

The reporting system in the e-asTTle tool is built on a system that uses many more bands than this and which are linked to curriculum levels. Each element of writing should be scored independently. Quick links Assessment Online. The Ministry will provide information to assist in score comparisons.


Module 2 – Writing

The generic exemplars cover the full range of abilities, but may not necessarily use the same purpose or prompt. The Describe purpose is divided into two: The annotated exemplars are samples of student writing produced in response to each e-asTTle wrriting prompt.

A rubric score on one element may have a very different meaning to a rubric score on another element. Others will be better suited to younger students.

However, do not put any scored results for your prompts into e-asTTle! Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: To assign a category score of R4 in a particular element, the conditions for a score of R3 in that element must also have been met. Anna Sullivan Chief Executive. This is a big change from the previous version of e-asTTle Writing which tied the rubric categories directly to curriculum levels. Open the double-sided, fold-out page for the writing matrix in your booklet which is colour-coded for each stage.

Although each prompt specifies a purpose, the marking rubric accommodates the use of multiple purposes. Writing well Writing on familiar topics is wrihing important at early stages of learning to write in English.

More Upcoming workshops and seminars We will have a range of workshops offered incovering important topics in education.