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Background Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC Went to college, became a teacher—taught at night and wrote. “Armistice”. By. Bernard Malamud. p. Background. Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC; Went to college. As evident in the story “Armistice,” by Bernard Malamud, this can form very strong and different opinions from both conflicting sides (Morris, and Gus). Morris.

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In his bedroom, the door shut tightly so Leonard would not be awakened, he tuned in softly to the midnight broadcast and learned that the French had accepted Hitler’s terms and would sign the armistice tomorrow. The reports of their persecution of the Jews that he heard over the radio filled him with dread, but he never stopped listening to them.

He thought of the armistice and imagined that he was in Paris. Between waiting on customers, or when he was preparing salads in the kitchen at the rear of the store, he switched on the radio and heard, with increasing dismay, mslamud flood of reports which never seemed to contain any good news.

Armistice: Nazi Germany and Gus Essay Example for Free

His fourteen-year-old son, Leonard, a thin, studious boy, saw how overwrought his father became and tried to shut off the radio, but the grocer would not allow him to.

Why feel sorry for them? Source Skills What does the source tell us…. Morris shut off the radio.


An age-old weariness filled him. He allowed Gus to talk as he did because he had known the meat man for nine years. Although over the brrnard we have grown more intelligent, etc. Once they had nearly been friends. Who are the other people in malamdu picture and what does the. Occasionally he repaired a hole in the screen door or fixed the plug for the electric slicing machine.

Your Bermard is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! At three o’clock, he shut off the radio, because Leonard came home from school about then. He was deeply impressed by the Panzer divisions, and when he read accounts of battles in which they tore through the enemy’s lines, his mind glowed with excitement.

What great cause has died? The French, on the sidewalks, were overpowered with fear. We think you have liked this bernarf. Leonard came into the store and heard the loud voices. The Nazis had found out where he lived in Paris. At three o’clock, when Morris was slicing small potatoes for potato salad, Gus strode into the store and swung his basket onto the table. The boy, seeing the harmful effect of the war on his father’s health, had begun to plead with him not to listen to so many news broadcasts, and Morris pacified him by pretending that he no longer thought bernars the war.

New Immigrants in a Promised Land. Suddenly Gus was there. They explain a variety of things about each character. He pulled two liverwursts and a bologna from his basket. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.


The Germans will wipe out the Frenchman.

Gus sat up straight at the wheel, his face grim. One connection that may be drawn is the similarity between Nazi and Gus; and also between Morris and France. Auth with social network: The arjistice between the two men Gus and Morris was never solved, only put on hold, just like the problem in the war.

“Armistice” By Bernard Malamud p. 1076.

Even though our nation is founded on non-prejudice and amistice morals, power and etc. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours He drove tensely, his eyes unsmiling. Morris Lieberman’s face was white.

His truck was a massive tank rumbling with the others through the wide boulevards. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Long lines trudged forever with their bundles on their shoulders. Later Morris rose and sat by the window, looking into the street. Protecting Allied shipping 1. Published by Edward Morton Modified 6 months ago. And yet, if a bomb had fallen on the block it would have. That night, after closing his store, Morris disconnected the radio and carried it upstairs.

Nazi Germany and Gus specifically for you. He began to cry.