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Dimethyl disulphide is a light yellow liquid with a very characteristic smell and an extremely low odour threshold at 8 to 10 ppb. DMDS is an. In order to boost its ranking in the DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) global market and meet demand from its customers, Arkema (Paris:AKE) has. Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) is an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula than the former. This pesticide is marketed as “Paladin” by Arkema.

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If a hydrogen sulphide is used in a sub-stoichiometric amount, the effect will be seen in the conversion of the methane, or of the hydrocarbon charge, respectively, and of the production of hydrogen.

Arkema Group at a glance.

CSR ambition and commitments. A particularly advantageous form of exploitation for the hydrogen formed is its cmds with oxygen to provide the thermal energy required for the various steps in the process of the invention, particularly for the heating for the reaction of step awhich requires high temperatures for industrially acceptable performance levels. Innovation at the heart of the change. Arkema Group at a glance. Like most sulphur derivatives, DMDS has a strong, unpleasant odor although one positive upshot of this is to make leak detection easier.

In this configuration, the process according to the present invention has proved to be of particular interest in terms of industrial and economic profitability.

DMDS Evolution® sulfiding agent

CSR ambition and commitments. Applications Hydrocracking catalyst activation. Moreover, the processes in accordance with reaction 2 above have the drawback of giving rise to secondary products, such as carbon dioxide CO 2methane CH 4dimethyl sulphide CH 3 SCH 3 and water H 2 O. dkds

Markets Oil and gas Biodiesel Petrochemicals Refining. More preferably, the hydrocarbon filler comprises at least one alkane, preferably at least methane CH 4ethane, propane or butane, and very preferably methane. DMDS is utilized in the preparation of 4- methylthio phenol which is used in the production of various pesticides.

CS 2 djds hydrogen were unquantifiable.

DMDS for oil refining and petrochemical industries

Are you searching for technical information? The balanced reaction may then be written in accordance with scheme 9 below: Nevertheless, in the context of the present invention, preference is given to using methane as initial hydrocarbon charge, primarily for economic reasons, particularly with the recent developments in the exploitation of shale gas.


Carbon nanotubes and copolymers. Air conditioning and refrigeration. Share capital and voting rights. At the exit of the finishing reactor, the mixture has the following weight composition except for H2S and except for excess MeSH: Home efficiency and insulation. One use of particular interest for the hydrogen formed during the process of the invention is its use with liquid sulphur to form hydrogen sulphide, arkemq may therefore be used in the process of the invention, as already indicated above.

It has been successfully adopted as the sulfiding and anticoking agent of choice at all major refineries and steamcrackers.

The metal or metals present in the catalyst of the invention may also be present directly in the form of metal sulphides. Example 2 Example 1 was repeated, this time adding 5.

Air conditioning and refrigeration. Preparation and spectral studies”. Disulphides, and especially dimethyl disulphide, are of great industrial interest and are nowadays very widely used in industry, for example and non-limitatively as an additive for sulphurizing catalysts, especially for hydrotreating petroleum fractions, or else as a soil fumigation agent in agriculture.

Are you looking for information on a specific event? Methyl mercaptan may itself be produced from methanol CH 3 OH and arkeema sulphide H 2 S in accordance with the following reaction 1: Steps ab and d may be implemented in any type of reactor suitable for receiving high-temperature reactions, as for example reactors made of alloy, of Hastelloy, Incoloy and other types.

Rakema to one embodiment, step a is carried out in the presence of a catalyst. Hansson; Anna-Maria Angioy According to yet a further preferred embodiment, srkema hydrogen sulphide from step e is recycled into step c. Moreover, the process of the present invention is a process which is simple to perform, is of low eco-toxicity and is economical.

The catalyst used in step a is preferably a supported catalyst, the support being selected preferably from alumina, silica, zeolites, activated carbons, titanium oxide, zirconium oxides, clays, hydrotalcite, hydroxyapatite, magnesia, and others.

According to one preferred embodiment, the hydrogen sulphide formed in step c is recycled into step a. Home efficiency and insulation. DMDS dimethyl disulfide in petrochemical is injected continously at low rate in ethylene crackers. The duration of the reaction in step a may vary within wide proportions, depending in particular on the nature and amount of each of the reactants, the nature and amount of catalyst used, and the selected temperature and pressure.


The arkma reaction may then be written in accordance with scheme 9 below:. As for the catalyst used in step athe catalyst employed is favourably used in a fixed, fluidized, circulating or ebullating bed.

The process according to claim 1, wherein the hydrocarbon charge is a hydrocarbon charge in gaseous, liquid or solid form and comprises at least one hydrocarbon having a hydrocarbon chain in saturated or unsaturated linear, branched or cyclic form. According to one preferred embodiment, steps ab and d are each employed in a separate reactor.

According to one embodiment, step b may be carried out in the presence of a catalyst. The examples below further illustrate the process of the present invention as indicated in example 1 above, but with the first step reproduced with different catalysts.

Arkema introduces DMDS Evolution® E2, a new DMDS grade with optimized odor

By virtue of the aforementioned advantages of the process according to the present invention, it is possible to achieve a high methyl mercaptan productivity, generally of the order of 0. The process according to claim 1, wherein said hydrogen sulphide H 2 S formed in step b is recycled to step a. X By browsing this website, you accept the use of cookies, which helps us provide you with services and offers matching your centers of interest and compile visitor statistics.

DMDS is used as a food additive in onion, garlic, cheese, meats, soups, savory flavors, and fruit flavors. In this embodiment, said catalyst advantageously dmsd a transition metal selected from the fmds of groups 6 to 11 of the Periodic Table of the elements groups VIB, VIIB, VIIIBpreferably from the elements of groups 6, 9 and 10, and more preferably the catalyst comprises one or more transition metals selected from platinum, rhodium, chromium and palladium.

Share capital and voting rights.