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Appendix B: State Disaster Management and Relief Committee . definition of disaster under National Security Council (MKN) No covers any incident. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20). Tuesday, March 20, Notes No comments. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20) Download here. 20 (Majlis Keselamatan Negara Arahan No. 20) MKN 20 came into force on 11 May following its approval by YAB Prime Minister of.

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To provide other telecommunication services needed for the operation by the relevant agencies. Any wrahan involved in the management of a disaster should be able to carry out their duty and responsibility collectively and adhered to the standing order.

To provide divers services. To give forensic services including identification, placing of corpses and evidence documentation.

Mayor may invoke National Security Council Directive

Zon ini adalah kawasan di luar Zon Kuning yang menempatkan pos-pos dan petugas-petugas Agensi Bantuan dan Pemulihan arahqn badan-badan sukarela. To support the police in searching killed victims. PDRM also should prepare jkn workers at PKOB to manage the communication equipment and to record all information on the commitment of agencies and the progress of search and rescue operation. When declared as a disaster, disaster management, relief and recovery for the relevant victims are controlled by the Central Government.

Tujuan arahan ini diwujudkan adalah untuk menggariskan dasar dan mekanisme pengurusan bencana secara menyeluruh termasuk peranan dan tanggungjawab Agensi Kerajaan, badan berkanun, pihak swasta dan badan-badan sukarela meliputi peringkat sebelum, semasa dan selepas berlaku sesuatu bencana supaya mknn sumber dapat disepadukan bagi mengelakkan pembaziran, konflik serta pertindihan peranan.

MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20) ~ BSMH OSH II

Struktur dan mekanisme keselamatan ini juga diguna pakai di peringkat negeri, daerah dan kampung. Director of State Meteorology Department.

To collect and protect information, evidences and exhibits in connection with nuclear and radiology accident occurred. A fire which involve a huge areas or high rise building or any special structure with many people inside.


MKN adalah sebuah agensi peneraju yang menyelaras dasar berkaitan keselamatan sejak penubuhannya pada Appoint a Forward Commander among the members of search and rescue agencies. To supply with electricity through a mobile generator temporarily during search and rescue operation.

The release of toxic gas at a public area; and Haze which can cause a critical situation to the environment, threatening public harmony, government 2 and economic activities of the state. To ask all involved agencies to present reports on the preventive steps taken in order to reduce the disaster impact. Agents or representatives from all of agencies involved in arwhan disaster management shall be placed at the PKOB as liaison officer mln their agency to speed up and smoothen any activities be taken based on the resolution made by the Disaster Management and Relief Committee.

To provide trained staff and skill services at raahan of incident to manage and coordinate technical matters in aspect of atomic power, such as to monitor radiation and to clear radioactive agent.

Providing stores, transport and work force from JKR to do the jobs of cleaning up the scene of incident and transportation. Sejak penubuhannya, sebanyak 21 Arahan MKN telah dikeluarkan bagi menangani pelbagai ancaman-ancaman keselamatan semasa seperti kebanjiran pelarian Vietnam dan pendatang asing tanpa izin, kerjasama dua hala keselamatan dan pembangunan sempadan, penyeludupan, kawalan keganasan, ketenteraman awam serta pengurusan krisis dan bencana. To assist with traffic control. Green Zone covers an area surrounding the Yellow Zone.

However, a disaster management and relief policy and mechanism should be finalizedso that in future all actions taken at every level by Government and Non-Government agencies will be more firm, stable and productive.

Yellow Zone covers an area surrounding the Red Zone. A Standing Order on Air Disaster is already set out and being effective.

This is purposely to enable secretarial jobs on scene of incident is done smoothly and effectively. Nuclear and radiology accident involving nuclear composites or radioactive agents in which the accident could spread out and causing the lose of live, property damage or the environment pollution and effecting the local activities.


Officer of District Civil Mknn Corporation. Only the Chairman of Management and Relief Disaster, Operation Commander or an officer authorized by the Chairman of Management and Relief Disaster is allowed to issue any statements to the press if necessary.

MKN – Majlis Keselamatan Negara

To provide extra manpower if necessary. Providing technical and skill services in the field of forensic, geotechnics, structures and etc.

Selain itu, m enentukan Pos-mortem diadakan selepas bencana. To provide with basic necessities and facilities including shelters, food, clothes and medical treatment to the victims and rescuers. To form sub-committee if necessary at mukim, village, residents association or Rukun Tetangga neighborhood level to assist with the work of disaster management on scene. To determine on comprehensive relief, such as welfare, health, shelter and security to the victims and the rescuers including rehabilitation aspects.

To stop the electric supply at the area of incident temporarily for security reasons. District Engineer, Irrigation and Drainage Department. To assure the continuos supply of safe energy at the scene of incident in order to smoothen the search and rescue operation.

To coordinate all needs of disaster management and relief, such as deciding on logistical assistance and requisition of tools and machinery needed temporarily owned by the government agencies of private sectors.

The role chart of agencies involved in the disaster management and relief on scene is shown in Appendix H. To make assessment and bring out suggestion to PKOB in deciding whether search and rescue works should be terminated and issue directive to vacate the disaster area.