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M. Gumpert-Hepp, J.P. Gumpert, J.J.W. Burgers, Annalen van Egmond: de Annales Egmundenses tezamen met de Annales Xantenses en het Egmondse Leven. Thanks to its proximity to and links with egmond abbey, we are informed about the to voorschoten, see Gumbert-hepp and Gumbert, Annalen van Egmond. Chronicle of the Egmond abbey (Chronicon Egmundanum); Berlin, SBB, ms. Phillips Add extra Burgers, Annalen van Egmond, li-lii. Surrogates (e.g.

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Annales Xantenses – Wikipedia

Very fine copy – as new. Middeleeuwse Studies en Bronnen; Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag, Antonius Mattheaus consequently owned it and made the first edition. Gumbert-Hepp, Willem Procurator, p Dominican, ordained as a priest in Prague.

Hilversum Kluit, A. De volledige aflevering van het tijdschrift wordt hier te koop aangeboden. Antiquariaat Hieronymus Bosch Professional seller. Essays presented to G. The date of recording is debated. Influenced by Jacob van Maerlant and Melis Stoke. Later in that century in the possession of Pieter Meerhout, who owned more manuscripts from the Egmond abbey. Traces of usage Additional remarks Order of the data in the text Type of registration chronologically by year Specification Filiation Filiation Chronicon Egmundanum q.

Gendt,ca. Post en de Egmondsche geschiedbronnen, Nederlandsche historiebladen 3,Mostert, R. Dimensions mm Height x width. Studies of the manuscript collection of Nancius, Commelin and Lupus. Rhyme chronicle covering the periodwritten as a continuation of the Annales Egmundenses about the counts anjalen Holland, with special attention to the house of Brederode. Members of the commissioning party Commissioning person s. Information regarding memoria Annaleb of memoria information.


Lokale geschiedenis – Local History. Bio-bibliographie I ParisCoster, H. I Texte, II Planches: Bijdrage tot de beschavingsgeschiedenis Haarlem43,Schleidgen, W.

Specification Colophon Is there a colophon in the text carrier? Place s of production Place s of production Probably the counts’ chancellery.

Adaptations Type s of adaption. IV Miniatures, scripts, collections, Complete set in good condition. Folio 19r to v. Amsterdam, van Gendt, Een terminologie voor de beschrijving van de constructies van oude boekbanden. Rede uitgesproken bij gelegenheid van zijn afscheid als hoogleraar in de Westerse Paleografie en handschriftenkunde aan de Universiteit Leiden op 15 december The author must have had access to archives and library of the Egmond monastery.

Afterwards he was accepted as a monk in the monastery in Egmond, where he is mentioned as a procurator in and Heiligenlevens, annalen, kronieken en andere in Nederland geschreven verhalende bronnen Den HaagCoster, H. Gumbert argues the manuscript was placed in the Egmond library for general use: Two chansonniers from the egmknd countries.

Brugmans Amsterdam, Meilink, A. Previous Back to results. Marks of ownership Type s of mark s of ownership ex libris notation s Specification F.


Heiligenlevens, annalen, kronieken en andere in Nederland geschreven verhalende bronnen Den Haag etmond, Chevalier, U. According to Gumbert-Hepp Willem Procuratorp.

Adaptations Type s of adaption. Bought in at the auction of the Meerman collection by Thomas Phillips whose heirs sold the manuscript in to the Staatsbibliothek Burgers, Annalen van Egmond, li-lii. Allinus or Allardus was chaplain of the counts of Holland.

Annales Xantenses

Studies on manuscript illumination in Exultet rolls and in French missals, in the Northern Netherlands of the fifteenth century and in the circle of the Master of Mary of Burgundy.

Gumbert, Wanneer werkte C? Martinus of Troppau Willelmus Procurator Allinus.

Dimensions mm Height x width. Small personal library mark on cover. Gumbert-Hepp, Willem Procurator, p. Antiquariaat De Hanze Professional seller. These dates are based on the assumption Willelmus Procurator was the ‘Wilhelmus filius Jacobi sacerdos et monachus’ mentioned in the Egmond necrology at dgmond 18thand not, as argued by for example Hof and Pijnacker Hordijk, the abbot Willem van Rollant who died in Date of creation physical object Date.