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A. N. Wallis Product. Catalogue, which features our complete range of industry leading Earthing,. Exothermic Welding,. Surge and Lightning. Protection products . AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection | Thorne & Derrick UK & Exports for best prices T&D Brochure – LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation. The Wallis concrete inspection pits are load rated to 4,kg suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations. Lids are available in 2.

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Coupling Dowel, Driving Head and Spike, see page Copper Clad Steel Conductor. Body Gunmetal or Aluminium. When this unit is fixed using the bolt provided, care should be taken toseal the hole using a compound such as Duxseal. This is a neat and practical jointing method without the need for tinningriveting or wrapping the joint. This Wallis clamp can also be used fordisconnecting the earthing system for testing purposes.

Theconductors must also have a high corrosion resistance andmust meet internationally recognised European and Britishearthing standards.

Advanced Earthing System

Driving Heads Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method catalogje achieving a low earth resistance. Every product featured has its own technicaland application drawings and product table.

Threads and Nuts complete with EBI Spikefor Solid Copper and Stainless Steel Earth RodsThe steel spike enables the rod to be driven easily and stops the copperrod becoming damaged.

Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Down conductorsThe recommended spacing between down conductorsvaries according to risk and is detailed in internationallyrecognised European and British lightning wxllis. All the rods offered by us are widely applauded by our valuable clients for their high tensile strength.


Reselling End Use Raw Material. The size of clip required depends on theconductor being installed. Bonding Point – Gunmetal.

Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance. Clamp Body – Aluminium. The clamp is fixed by drilling a hole in the steelwork and securing with thebolt provided. They are normally spaced at specifiedintervals corresponding to the spacing on the downconductors.

Cathodic Protection Grounding System. Steel to BS Grade M Oblong Junction ClampThis oblong junction clamp is designed to join a range of tape sizesfrom 20 x 3 to 50 x 6. Back Plate HoldfastThis back plate holdfast is to be used where it is necessary to hold theconductor away from the building surface. Advanced Aj System Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include super earth kit and super earthing system.

Telephone Wxllis Surge Protection. Place the earth rod into the hole and bury it in the pit up to the sarthing.

This brochure is Copyrighted to A. Copper Rods Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance. Two versions of this Wallis clamp will accommodate conductors up to70sq mm and sq mm.

H.T Discharge Rod

This assures a high conductivity joint bysealing out air and moisture to prevent corrosion and reformation ofoxide film. Railway Communication Earthing Rods.

This earthing system is suitable for all kinds of earthing requirements and is specially developed for soil that has terrible geological environmental conditions. They provide a long lasting solution where earth rodsare unsuitable. The clips are available to suit both plain and PVC coveredtape in a variety of sizes. This unique detachable easy locking lid allows easy inspection andensures security of equipment as the locking mechanism can only beoperated by the special key provided.


View all Next News There is nothing listed here for this company. Maintenance Free Earthing System. Specialist advice from our fully qualified technical engineers – focusing on your earthing and lightning protection issues Documents. Equipotential BondingIt is common practice to use the buildings natural structuralsteelwork and bonding it to the LPS to further improve itsability to conduct lightning and fault currents to earth; priorpermission may be required.

H.T Discharge Rod Manufacturer from Nadiad

Corrosion and faultcurrents can cause high resistance joints leading tooverheating. Resistance to earthFor an LPS the earth terminationnetwork as a whole should have acombined resistance of not morethan ten ohms, before bonding to building metalwork. Connect it with the conductor.

Provide cataloguue exact requirement to help us serve you better.

Catalogus copper tape is annealed for ease of use with radiused edges andmarked Wallis UK. They are normally spaced at specifiedintervals corresponding to thespacing on the down conductors. Earth Rod Seals Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance.

Because this Wallis clamp is so simple to unassemble it should not beused at ground level or anywhere within easy reach of the public. Conductive concretecan be used to backfill an earth mat.

ERR – Phosphor Bronze. A single earth rod may not achieve the required resistancefigure and several may be need to be fitted to achieve this;their combined resistance is proportional to the reciprocal ofthe individual rod resistances to earth. Back Fill Earthing Compound. Telephone Branch Surge Protection. Earthing Rods for Telecommunication Towers.