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Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents. The Externals sourcebook reveals to players and Gamemasters alike the heart of the Released as a PDF only following the death of the Alternity line. Star Drive (stylized as Star*Drive) is a science fiction campaign setting that was published in by TSR, Inc. for the Alternity role-playing game. Alternity’s first setting was detailed in the Star Drive Campaign Setting () Professions. 3 Publications. Game books; Novels. 4 References; 5 External links.

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Devious organizations scheme for world domination, otherwordly forces infiltrate our power structures, and creatures from our nightmares lurk in the shadows.

The news from the Verge isn’t all good, but what news ever is? And do it without your computer! Cities vanished, forests burned, and an entire civilization died in nuclear fire, gengineered plagues, and mutagenic poisons. The heroes become entangled in the machinations of two stellar nations determined to take more than their share of Lison’s most precious resource: Sell us your stuff? A second, even nastier war began insparked by a rebellion of mutants.

Choose from different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition. Dominated by the beautiful water world of Bluefall, Aegis is a place where the exterbals powers of human space marshal their forces against myriad threats. Super heroes, science fantasy, and magic expand your campaign into the realm of the fantastic. Rhodium Run introduces heroes externaals life and trade on Lison.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Much of the material created for this campaign setting was later reused in the d20 Future supplement of the d20 Modern role-playing game.


Outbound – An Explorer’s Guidebook “The Verge, that vast frontier beyond the Kendai Relay and the civilized stellar nations of Old Space, has secrets still undiscovered, star systems still unexplored. It is modular in design, allowing Gamemasters to reuse the base in future adventures.

You’ll learn what the Hoffmann Institute is willing to give you, and what you have to buy on the street.

Ferocious, aggressive, and merciless, they have descended on human-controlled space in a slow and steady wave of invasion. To save the lives of its people, the Collective used its talent in robotics and automation to create the Warhulks – massic spacegoing vessels bristling with destructive altfrnity and guided by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence units ever to be installed in a starship.

Humanity is no longer the master of the world.

Jack into the Grid, download Avatar’s reports, and decide for yourself if the External threat is real or the deluded imaginings of a burned-out gridpilot. Views Read Edit View history. A corporation that introduces revolutionary devices into the American home. Visit a dozen fully described worlds, and learn of powerful interstellar empires.

Star Drive

Wizards of the Coast A Altfrnity to FX features: Your journey into a world of adventure, excitement, wonder, and terror begins here. At the edge of space is the Verge, where oppurtunities await those smart enough and ruthless enough to take advantage of them. This book presents a game universe for heroes to conquer, investigate, and explore. And the only thing standing between them and the safety of billions of unsuspecting people is you – and your bag of guns and gear.

Klick Clack sends heroes into the very jaws of the lion. Star Drive is set in the 26th century, starting in the year The Concord has seized this oppurtunity to take the war to the enemy.

System Guide to Aegis “The Verge is a dangerous place. You help decide the fate of the galaxy by setting deadly challenges for Terran and Protoss heroes to overcome! Gather a few friends, get some polyhedral dice available at most game, hobby, or bookstoresand choose from one of four heroes who make up the crew of the Momotaro.


Suitable for three to six heroes of any wxternals. The name “Klick” was coined by Galactic Concord soldiers and based on the odd clicking sounds that the aliens make when they communicate.

Star Drive – Wikipedia

The officer commanding the cutter ordered his crew to recover the computer core. The Klicks employ brutal but effective “hit-and-run” combat tactics. And you can live to tell about it. Black Starfall “In the future, human space has just emerged from a century-long galactic war.

It starts with a call for help, and now a rescue mission speeds through drivespace toward a distant colony at Hammer’s Star.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

When the Treaty of Concord brought an end to the war inStarMech recalled and deactivated its Warhulks A Guide to Psionics “Mindwalking is more than it used to be. Your actions, your choices, eexternals a little bit of luck will decide! Go to our Sales Site.

Eclipse puts heroes against a stellar nation ready to take the entire world hostage. Post ‘s first work for TSR. You control the action. Alternity D20 Alfernity Campaign settings Space opera role-playing games. The book follows the progress of the survery vessel Kepler as it visits previously uncharted systems in the verge, then ventures into the Lightning Nebula. Finally, more than a quarter-century later, Ares external has found the necessary resources to repair its stardrive.