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Athabasca by Alistair MacLean – book cover, description, publication history. Industrial sabotage in the Alaskan oil fields allows MacLean (Force 10 from Navarone, Ice Station Zebra) a ton of background padding—which. The nail-biting tale of sabotage set in the desolate frozen wastes of two ice- bound oil fields, from the acclaimed master of action and GE! THE.

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Be the first to discover new talent! The lead character is not only unbelievable but is overshadowed by both of his henchmen.

Athabasca by Alistair MacLean

Aug 31, Elaine Cougler rated it really liked it. Jun 17, heidi rated it liked it Shelves: Tough resourceful duo – Athanasca.

His attempts at female characterization are abysmal. Very one-plot and simple, but good. The books are driven by the plot. Dua karakter lain yg ikut mencuri perhatian, Kapten Willoughby dan Lt.


This is one of MacLean’s books which follows his formulaic yet page-turning approach. This book was just ok. You are anchored to a steel ring set into concrete. I only decided to read it because I was there last year rafting the river and padding across whats left of the glacier and I remember is work fondly.

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I needed this book for my challenge. On a plus side, the tar sand fields of northern Alberta, in the depths of winter, make for an interesting location for solving sabotage and murder. Someone is sabotaging the Alaska Pipeline and the Athabasca oil sands in northern Alberta.

So, two countries-Canada and the United States are involved, as are two oil companies, along with two sets of employees. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Latar belakang industri perminyakan besar sebenarnya menarik perhatian, namun kmdn, konjungsinya untuk mengadu dombakan industri tsb dgn OPEC jelas terlalu keblabasan menurutku. It was interesting to look at this book both through the lens of today’s worries about terrorism and sabotage, and thinking back to the fears that North American automobiles were going to run out of gasoline on highways in the 80’s.

Feb 25, Thrivi Subramanian rated it really liked it.

What did I like? Maclean is the author of twenty-nine world bestsellers and recognised as an outstanding writer in his own genre. The novel commences with Jim Brady and his team being employed to stop saboteurs, but ends up with murders and kidnapping. Jul 15, Richp rated it it was ok.

But I’d start with other MacLean novels first, because this one is a bore for much of the time. It is a novel of suspense as well as adventure.


Mar 18, Kenny rated it really liked it. Nicol rated it it was ok.

Dermott and Mackenzie, tough ex-field managers and now anti-sabotage specialists, arrive, but initial investigations get them nowhere.

True, when Brady surveys incredibly gigantic mobile diggers and miles of unprotected conveyor belting from the digs to the refinery, he feels the security task is impossible.

Brain sekaligus muscle malahan ada pd George Dermott, yg mencuri spotlite sejak halaman pertama. One man, Jim Brady, is called in to save the life-blood of the world as unerringly, macldan chosen targets fall at the hands of a hidden enemy Mar 23, Sangita rated it liked it.

Wouldn’t you think that they could split the team in two? Well, when a processing malcean is half-wiped out half, so that the victim is still alive and worth ransomingBrady’s suspicion falls upon some security agents, who have the most know-how for the crimes. I forced myself to wade through the first pages, and was sorely tempted to quit, which I rarely do.