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what new products might show up and so on. Check Awesome RC Videos at and stay updated! FPV Gear (3). I am Mansoor Ali, Ali Mansoor. I am a Professional Drone Pilot, Drone Flight Training and Drones Operation Training Specialist, RC Enthusiast, FPV Pilot. Developing opportunity for the FPV community. alishanmaooffline. 34 How to Setup Eachine E FPV VTOL Wing with FrSky Taranis X9D Radio.

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Users that only promote alishanmoa channel or business are likely to have their posts removed. Order ViFly Finder 2 here http: Contribute We’re all here to discuss and share our hobby.

Check the wiki Check the wiki or search the subreddit before asking a question. Great videos AliShanMao, sounds like your having fun.

Yeah man, congrats on the newborn. Did you grab your favorite? Submit a new text post. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 19 at 7: One thing I will say from your video is that the Dimika does a bit less with the image which may make it better for adjusting in post, and the lens has less obvious flaring. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 17 at 6: Email or Phone Password Forgot account?


Enjoy the FPV whooping in the court yard just outside of our small Room, of this little village guest house. Wish I had both cameras, so I could make the test myself. If you are interested in this Power combo to convert your Gasoline Paramotor into Electric, contact me for details and ordering.

Glad you finally posted – haha. But I am afraid that would raise the pricepoint to much. Originally Posted by PnoT. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of alisuanmao. The frame is made of Durable polypropylene plastic with propeller guards and its not easy to break upon crashes.

We found this sweet spot online and came to spend a night here. Congrats on the little one! I will update the price and ordering page for power combo on my site soon. Alisuanmao Highly Recommended Products December 29 at 1: Take it from me, I have a 3 month old; it’s hard to get out in those first two months.

The 3D models of alishanmao

But with some little modifications, you can carry a FPV Video goggles and some other accessories as well. I have a hard time seeing the Dimika taking a big marketshare, if they don’t let people tweak the camera.

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Its a highly recommended two thumbs up product. Just got a bit exited that someone tried to make a competitor to the Mobius.


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Order the Carry Case here http: Camera also has a simple OSD that shows Operating times and battery power. But apart from that, everything is just clockworks now. Videos will come soon to my Channel.

Enjoy the long video and flight and I will be posting more videos of my Electric Paramotor Flights apishanmao. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products.

Agree that it was a bad “review”. I found this abandoned wooden Club house standing on pillars and went straight with crazy fast FPV Whooping Freestyling with my Mobula 7.

Dimika HD P Action Cam Side by Side Mobius HD First Look (alishanmao) : fpv

Enjoy the FPV whooping trip of this little village guest house. Nova Prion 3 Glider is a very forgiving and a,ishanmao glider for beginners to learn to soar and even fly Paramotors. And the mobius have a big big support behind itself, with config files, lenses and whatnot.