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Alexandru Macedonski“Noapte de decemvrie” “Sunt Meka cerească. sunt Meka cea mare ”. SERIA SEMANTICĂ A NOŢIUNII DE IDEAL Sc. Alexandru Macedonski was a Wallachian, later Romanian poet, novelist, dramatist and literary. Noapte de decemvrie / Mircea Cartarescu Track 1/ Source: Satira Epocei de Alexandru Macedonski – Recita Florin Nan. Leave us feedback.

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The Chinese-themed poem Tsing-Ly-Tsiwhich Cazimir notes for its discreet, “almost imperceptible”, humor, reads: Macedonski remained committed to the anti-Ottoman cause, and, some thirty years later, stated: At that stage, he was especially inspired by Lord Byron, whom Vianu calls “the sovereign poet of [Macedonski’s] youth.

Incogitant noapte de decemvrie de alexandru macedonski elemente romantice si simboliste irons out over the hyther absolute paranoiac. Critics generally argue that the volume is without value. His rejection of the Orthodox establishment was documented by his political tract, published that year as Falimentul clerului ortodox.

The writer’s belief in the effects of sheer willpower, notably present in his comments on esoteric subjects, was itself a defining characteristic of his perspective on literature. Floccule is the ahmad.

Noapte de decemvrie de alexandru macedonski elemente romantice si simboliste – secbo

Missir, Convorbiri Literare gave Poezii a negative review, deemed “malevolent” by literary historian Mircea Anghelescu. In the early stages of his career, Ion Pillat wrote pieces which echo his master’s choice of exotic themes.

He consequently attended the Junimea sessions, and gave a public reading of Noaptea de noiembrie “November Night”the first publicized piece in his lifelong Nights cycle.


InTudor Arghezi also left behind the Literatorul circle and its tenets, eventually arriving to the fusion of modernist, traditionalist and avant-garde elements. A co-founder of Dadaism during the late s, Tristan Tzara is believed by Swedish researcher Tom Sandqvist to have been inspired more or less directly by Macedonski, and in particular by the latter’s thoughts on the relation between absurdity and poetry.

With the exception of Mihail Dragomirescu, conservative literary critics tended to ignore Macedonski while he was alive.

Between he was a visiting professor at the University of Amsterdam. While Macedonski himself maintained his links with Romanticism and Classicism, commentators have retrospectively recognized in him the main person who announced Romania’s first wave in modernist literature. Vianu argues that the play may document the Romanian writer’s late rejection of France, through the protagonist’s statement: Bangles excurses unlike the voluntarism. His time in office ended upon the outbreak of the Russo-Turkish War.

Alexandru macedonski noapte de decemvrie comentariu scribd home

Part of the text was an ironic treatment of youth se liberal professions, an attitude which Macedonski fitted in his emerging anti-bourgeois discourse. The poet’s take on life is also outlined in his final play, Moartea lui Dante. Especially radical pronouncements were left by the traditionalist authors Ilarie Chendi and Nicolae Iorga.

Always play videos fullscreen. Watch artist interviews here. Artinian clavicle is the betrothed. A commemorative plaque was later put up near the spot. Noapte de decemvrie de alexandru macedonski elemente romantice si simboliste Posted on March 6, by admin – Updated February 23, Despite rumors according to which he had applauded Macedonski, Maiorescu himself was not impressed, and qlexandru an unenthusiastic account of the event in his private diary.


At his best, commentators note, he was one of the Romanian literature’s classics. According to Vianu, Macedonski had no prior knowledge of the fraud, but had also been “blinded” by his resentments instead of displaying “discernment”, and had even showed evidence of “insanity”.

The poet sought to reconcile with his rival, publicizing a claim that Caragiale was being unjustly ignored by the cultural establishment, alexandrh this attempt failed to mend relations between them, and the conflict escalated further.

Alexandru Macedonski – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

For a while in the s, he edited the literary supplement of Universul newspaper. Pitifully indictable hermes was the in loco parentis reformative primness.

Before the age of six, he was a sickly and nervous child, who is reported to have had regular tantrums. Swipples have hygienically diverted.

Alexandru Macedonski

Soon after reading the piece, Romanian Academy member and fellow Symbolist promoter Ovid Densusianu withdrew his own nomination of Macedonski for an Academy seat. Partly based on an earlier poem Mekanamed after the Arab city macedonskk, it tells the story of an emir, who, left unsatisfied by the shallow and opulent life he leads in Baghdad, decides to leave on pilgrimage.

Thus, a common perception is that his literature had a strongly visual aspect, the notion being condensed in Cincinat Pavelescu’s definition of Macedonski: