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View and Download Panasonic AJ-HPM brochure & specs online. Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player. AJ-HPM Recording Equipment pdf manual. Panasonic AJ-HPM • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Aj-hpm • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual.

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Formatting Hard Disks Play back is based on a best-effort basis. Registering Events For Selected Clips The P2 card promises solid reliability and excellent mobility under the often difficult conditions of field recording.

Removing P2 Cards Countdown display During playback, the time remaining until the end of the clip is displayed by the CTL counter.

For editing, PCs must be installed with P2-compatible editing software available from various companies.

Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Portable Multimedia Player User Manual

Registering From Video Audio And Video Controller Output is produced only when the playback system frequency is set aj-hpm11 When the images of adjacent frames are similar, Long GOP compression achieves an advantageously low bit rate. Playing Back The Play List You can take it zj-hpm110 an airplane as a carry-on.

Download functions on web pages cannot be used. The editcopy function can also write out the result of playlistas a separate clip.

AJ-HPM | P2HD Series | Broadcast and Professional AV

Supported Hard Disks Files can be uploaded or downloaded easily by using thumbnails. Preparing For Event Overwriting I-Frame Only compression, which completes all processing within each frame, and Long GOP compression, which processes across multiple aj-npm110.


For Long And Trouble-free Operation The residual data obtained by subtracting a mnaual image from the original input image is recorded together with the predictive image. Choosing a clip to be edited and overwritten like a VTR is possible.

Displaying player side and recorder side playback screens with the player side selected. Voice-over From Playback Status The P2 cards can be replaced while recording. With aj-npm110 I-Frame Only compression, AVC-Intra produces remarkably stable images that are unaffected by adjacent frames, and meets professional needs in virtually all situations and workflows. Inserting an event on the current timeline and overwriting the current timeline with an event modes are available.

Preparing New Play Lists It captures master-quality video for high-end video production. Remote Operation Of External Devices By copying P2HD clips into lowrate AVCHD files, it is possible to perform transfer clips to a server at aj-hpn110 speed or perform offline editing at high speed.

Attaching Metadata To Clips Switching To Usb Host Mode Text information can be added to a memo. Trimming The Audio Split Point When using a software keyboard or USB keyboard optionaltext data can be entered easily.

Recording Clips Containing Metadata This allows it to handle a variety of operations, such as line recordings, studio production and on-air broadcasting.


List Of Shortcuts Audio Split Editing Source materials on a hard disk can also be used in playlist editing, just like source materials on a P2 card. Intra-frame predictive image Right: Example of a waveform display. Recording And Playback During or after recording, you can mark each clip with OK, NG or other designation.

Panasonic AJ-HPM110 Brochure & Specs

Insert and Overwrite editing mode: MPEG-2 uses a fixed table when performing the VLC coding, with the result that compression efficiency is low with some types of images. Switching To Usb Device Mode It connects to the Internet, allowing file transfer without a PC. Preparing A Metadata Upload File In context-adaptive coding, on the other hand, operation varies with different kinds of aj-hpm11 and high compression efficiency is maintained at all times.

When connected to a nonlinear editor via USB 2.

When the cards become full, older data is deleted to free up the recording area,to result in loss-less and endless recording. V fade between events can be set only for audio.