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AIMCAT Solutions – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. AIMCAT Solutions. Uploaded by. Tamal Saamnta. Booking slot for AIMCAT has commenced. Were you able to give the exam?next non. invigilated me fool proof solution de dunga abi can’t say may be. Aimcat solutions pdf. Prospectus Download on papers from AIIMS PG Entrance examinations from year is attached.

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Work on improving your subject knowledge. Neha, all the more reason why you should concentrate on our material first! There are 3 R. Prepare for Verbal Ability for 2 hours daily. Thank you Sir aimcaf answering my question,I have another query, as suggested by faculty in chat sessions,I have started reading content from wwww. Then read the questions first and begin skimming through.

Where can one see T.I.M.E’s AIMCAT video solutions? – Quora

Take in the ideas of a paragraph or passage as you read. Once you are comfortable with your reading speed and comprehension levels, move on to topics such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, History, Economics, Politics, Business and Science. Is this AIMCAT is considerably tougher dan previous one, my percentile dropped from 96 to 92, and am very weak in VA section, Solktions in solutiond i feel very bored n disintrested to read RC’s plzz help me out vit dizz problem.


Try working out different types of Data representation and practice as much as you can. Continue reading newspapers to improve vocabulary. Right now, focus on the basics of sooutions chapter.

It sometimes happens so that you will have a few QA classes back to back. The best way for you to approach this is to analyze your performance minutely.

AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

If you have finished other sets already then you can get into the set even if it looks a little time consuming but doable. Then practice those kinds of questions from the study material and online sectional tests.

How much serious time do i need zimcat spare before CAT and other exams to get a good score? There needs to be a balance between reading speed and effective comprehension.

Chat Transcript

Ask your faculty, after the class. I have only joined Test Series. Also give a lot of practice sectional tests.

Why solutipns have a weakness when you can convert them all into your strength? Is this what they ask in CAT as well? You should start getting the sense of the language rather than trying to figure out the rules of grammar.

Again the experts say increasing reading speed is very important. Your question has been taken up for discussion at various points in the chat. Then refer to the dictionary, find out the correct pronunciation, other usages in sentences if any etc etc.


Read, read and read. In class the questions done are quite easy but in aimcat questions are mostly different. After you chill down and become calm, analyse where you went wrong and put in efforts to plug the gaps.

Perhaps, not all the chapters have been completed yet in your class and that could partially explain your performance in the test. Till then don’t read too much into your aimcat scores, it’ll slowly but steadily improve. That way the chances of retaining words is much higher compared to reading several hundred words per day through a dictionary or cue cards.

I am happy that you are reading. Not too many questions test your ‘vocab’ as such in CAT, the emphasis is more on application of the knowledge of the language you have. Hello Sir, I got a